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Jul 10, 2018

Colorado hiker licked by mountain goat

A Colorado hiker who found herself surrounded by mountain goats was recorded being licked on the head by one of the animals.

Ashby Capito of Vail said she was hiking in the Rocky Mountains with a friend last week when they noticed they were surrounded by mountain goats.

Capito said she and her friend attempted to keep a safe distance, but one of the animals walked right up to her and started licking her backpack.

The hiker said the goat licked her backpack for about five minutes before starting to lick her head and back. The goat's tongue-bath was recorded on video and Capito posted it to Instagram.

"It was the craziest situation. I just kind of sat there," Capito told KCNC-TV.

She said her love of mountain goats has been a running joke with her friends.

"A lot of my friends call me 'the goat whisperer,' and 'the goat girl,'" Capito said. "Having that experience, I can probably die a happy woman today, to be honest with you."

Rebecca Ferrell, spokeswoman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said the goat was likely attracted to the salt from Capito's sweat.

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