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Jul 13, 2018

8 countries are actively implementing blokchain

It is not always easy to determine, the authorities of various countries are cryptocurrency, especially when politicians try to put them in a negative light. Ironically, these same people are talking about the prospects of blokcheyna and necessity of its introduction into the economy. In this article you will learn that the attitude towards cryptocurrency not always reflect the views of the country on blokcheyn.


Georgia is hard to imagine blokcheyn center of innovation, but the government of this country one of the first in the world has implemented a program for the registration of real estate transactions on the basis of blokcheyna. It was the result of a strategic partnership between Bitfury Group and the National Civil Registry Agency of Georgia.

To make changes, use an indoor blokcheyn second level. Then transaction verified using public blokcheyna. The program has been very successful, and there are already plans to develop a protocol to cover a wide range of real estate and notary services.


Russia's position in relation to the cryptocurrency ambiguous, however, the government openly welcomed the development blokcheyna. The popular system of electronic referendums "active citizen" uses state blokcheyn protocol, allowing residents to voice their opinions on a wide range of issues. With its help, choose the color of the stands at the stadium and the name of the new bus lines.

Recently there was a major upgrade of this unique public tool. Voters have expressed concern that their votes are counted correctly. In response, the system has been developed based on the counting of votes Ethereum. The program has been very successful, and officials plan to expand its use in the following year.


The country's authorities have allocated 521 thousand. Dollars Agency digital transformation to further explore ways to integrate blokcheyna in the work of the government. The purpose of the program - evaluation of the costs associated with the introduction of blokcheyna.

Australia is known for its support of the new technology. In 2017, an additional $ 5.9 million was allocated project Smart Utilities Pilot Project. He is studying the possibility of using blokcheyna for data analysis and improve the existing power distribution system.


In April, the Chinese authorities have drawn the attention of the world media, when informed that raised more than $ 1.6 billion on research blokcheyna. Even more surprising by the fact that 30% of the funds come from the budget. On the creation of a global fund blokcheyn innovation Xiong'An Global Blockchain Innovation Fund was announced during the opening ceremony of the industrial park blokcheyn.

The project is supported by venture capital firm Zhenfund. Zhenfund has a wealth of experience in this field and is known for his participation in the Stream and Lino platforms.


US Department of Homeland Security has allocated $ 1 million to a startup DigitalBazaar Virginia. The company is developing a range of special blokcheynov intended for identification and verification of personal data.

DigitalBazaar previously received funding for the development based on blokcheyne identification systems. Grant has been allocated within the framework of Homeland Security Enterprise Initiative and became the third company.

European Union

European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip expressed support blokcheyna technology during the conference Digital Day-2018. He said the launch was preceded by the European blokcheyn Observatory and Forum (EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum). The organization focuses on the study of future integration into the European economy blokcheyna. Since the beginning of the year on their research has attracted more than $ 300 million.

Creation of the European Observatory and blokcheyn Forum has been made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Ethereum-startup ConsenSys. The group will standardize blokcheynov in the EU, hoping to create a thriving ecosystem distributed, providing a high level of interaction. Ansip said that it is essential for the development of digital European economy.


Few countries can boast the same openness to cryptocurrency and blokcheynu as Japan. Last year blokcheyn-sector of the country responded to the rapid growth in the acquisition of Bitcoin status of legal tender. In an effort to attract more investment to the market, the authorities organized business camp Block Chain Business Camp Tokyo under the Tokyo government program business accelerators.

The event will last two months and is aimed at stimulating private investment in the sector. Its purpose will be to promote blokcheyn projects that can improve the quality of life in Tokyo, as well as improving the economic position of the city in the sector. The program is open to all comers, and many hope that it will help revitalize the local economy.

United Kingdom

British authorities launch based on a research program blokcheyne Archangel. Its purpose will be to study the benefits of distributed storage. The program will bring together experts from the University of Surrey, the Institute of Open Data and the National Archives.

Press-secretary of the organization Alex Green has recently stressed the importance of confirming the original document using blokcheyna technology. He explained that the high level of transparency is required to build confidence in the British government.

The UK is home to one of the oldest archives in the world. Blokcheyn help eliminate many of the problems associated with the storage and checking of huge volumes of sensitive information.

Vote for blokcheyn! Authorities in different countries tend to implement blokcheyna in the national economy, searching for a more efficient alternative to existing systems. State blokcheyn program will allow them to achieve their goals.

Let us hope that the benefits of this technology are obvious to all, and soon it will penetrate into many areas of our lives.


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