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Jun 27, 2018

UK CRIME WAVE: Baying mob attack Mercedes driver and passenger in shock footage


THIS shocking footage shows the moment a Mercedes driver and his passenger were attacked by a violent mob on a Leeds housing estate.
By Tom Parfitt

The driver was knocked to the ground in the frenzied attack, while his passenger was then hit with a plank of wood.

The car's front and back windows were then smashed with a hammer as the pair desperately tried to escape the scene.

Some residents even appear to cheer on the violence in the clip, which was filmed on the Halton council estate in Leeds.

The video begins with the driver, shirtless and wearing beige shorts, squaring up to another topless man.

As a baying crowd quickly surrounds the pair, the driver is knocked to the ground.

A bald man in a blue vest can be hearing screaming "f*** off" as the crowd closes in.

As the chaotic scenes continue, another man rushes up behind the passenger and hits him other the head with a wooden plank.

He manages to stand his ground but a second man races up him and threatens him with a hammer.

Leeds street fightDRN
The shocking footage begins with two shirtless men squaring up to each other

Here, the police are coming, so f*** off


Then a woman intervenes in the brutal stand-off and shouts: "Here, the police are coming, so f*** off."

As the pair try to drive away, a man smashes the windows of the silver Mercedes, shattering shards of glass across the pavement.

It is not clear what sparked the violence, which took place took place on Kendal Drive, Halton on June 16.

The shocking clip has gone viral on Facebook after being posted by an eyewitness on Friday, racking up thousands of views and shares.

Leeds street fightDRN
A man smashes the windows of the silver Mercedes as the pair try to drive away

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Officers at the scene received third-hand reports of criminal damage to at least one vehicle which had already left the scene.

"However, no victims have since come forward to report any offences to the police.

"The neighbourhood team is aware of a video circulating on social media which captures this incident and an offence of affray has been recorded."

Anyone with information which could help the police have been urged to call 101.

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