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Jun 21, 2018

Mechanical top spins for world record 27 hours

The makers of a mechanical spinning top announced they broke a Guinness World Record by having it spin for over 27 hours.

Breaking Toys and Fearless Toys, makers of the Limbo spinning top, announced their toy stayed spinning nonstop for 27 hours, 9 minutes and 24 seconds, breaking the previous Guinness World Record by more than two hours.

The company said the "over the top" record was timed to coincide with a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Limbo top to consumers.

"It sounds crazy but there's something about watching a top spin that creates a mini-mental getaway," said Yosi Ganot, chief executive officer of Fearless Toys.

"Limbo is mesmerizing and calming, while also a technological fete with its accelerometer and hidden gyro. It's the perfect escape when you can't take a yoga break in the middle of a meeting," Ganot said.

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