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Jun 24, 2018

LibreOffice 6.0 Is Now Ready for Mainstream Users and Enterprise Deployments

 LibreOffice 6.0.5 is now available to download
By Marius Nestor

The Document Foundation informed Softpedia today about the general availability of the fifth point release of the LibreOffice 6.0 open-source and cross-platform office suite for all supported operating systems.

LibreOffice 6.0.5 is here one and a half months after the LibreOffice 6.0.4 point release to mark the open-source office suite as ready for mainstream users and enterprise deployments. The Document Foundation considers that LibreOffice 6.0 has been tested thoroughly and that it's now ready for use in production, enterprise environments.

Until now, The Document Foundation only recommended the LibreOffice 6.0 office suite to bleeding-edge users while urging enterprises and mainstream users to use the well-tested LibreOffice LibreOffice 5.4 series, which reached end of life on June 11, 2018, with the last point release, LibreOffice 5.4.7.

"TDF recommends deploying LibreOffice in production environments with the backing of certified professionals, providing development, migration and training support (an updated list is available at," said Italo Vignoli in the announcement. "This is extremely important for the growth of the LibreOffice ecosystem."
"All users are urged to update to LibreOffice 6.0.5"

LibreOffice 6.0.5 fixes numerous bugs across various of its components, including Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base. These improvements made the LibreOffice 6.0 office suite series more stable and reliable, and that's the main reason The Document Foundation now recommends it to enterprises and mainstream users.

For details on the changes, check out the changelogs here and here. Meanwhile, you can download LibreOffice 6.0.5 for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now through our web portal. All LibreOffice 6.0 and 5.4 users are urged to update to version 6.0.5 as soon as possible.

The next LibreOffice 6.0 point release, version 6.0.6, is expected to hit the streets in early August along with LibreOffice 6.1. Almost two months later, LibreOffice 6.0.7 is scheduled for release at the end of October as the last maintenance update. The LibreOffice 6.0 office suite series will reach end of life on November 26, 2018.

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