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Jun 21, 2018

iOS 11.4 Causing Black Camera Issue on Some iPhones

Camera rendered useless after update to latest iOS version
By Bogdan Popa

While iOS 11.4 originally seemed to be a rather flawless operating system update, it turns out it isn’t, at least not for a number of iPhone owners who can no longer use certain features of their devices.

Earlier this month, it was reported that iOS 11.4 was causing significant battery drains especially on older iPhone models and now it looks like others are hitting camera bugs after the update.

FoxNews points to several complains from users who turned to social media to report the problem, and in most of the cases, the behavior appears to be pretty much the same: the camera turns black and can no longer be used for taking photos.

Others say that the camera can no longer focus correctly, and there are also several reports pointing to glitches causing incorrect colors in the camera.

I’ve come across similar posts on Apple’s Communities as well, and users explain that no workaround restores functionality. Rebooting and hard resetting make no difference, they say.
"Downgrading not possible"

At this point, it appears that the majority of devices impacted by such camera issues are older models and not the latest-generation iPhone introduced last year. Most reports indicate the bug happens on iPhone 6s, and I haven’t seen a single complaint pointing to an iPhone X with broken camera functionality.

Apple is yet to acknowledge the bug, and judging from previous issues, unless the problem is more widespread, impacted devices won’t get a fix until the next iOS update.

In the meantime, iPhone owners whose devices encounter the black camera issue can reach out to Apple support for assistance. The bigger problem is that Apple no longer signs iOS 11.3.1 following the release of iOS 11.4, so while normally downgrading to the previous iOS version would be the most convenient workaround, it cannot be used this time.

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