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May 21, 2018

What Is Geezgo?

Geezgo is a Media/Social Network Service brand officially released world wide on the 31st December 2017 at 23:58 NZ time. The HQ of Geezgo is Wellington City, New Zealand.

If security online is what you value, please sign up for Geezgo. All your chat messages are end-to-end encrypted just the same way whatsapp messages are. This is just one of the mind settling features to mention.

Nobody like social platform that takes away control from users - We built Geezgo to help you control how people interact with you or your contents online. It lets you organise your public contents with Mainstream and give you full control to identify people you do not want to follow you and avoid them stealthily until when you deem it right to unavoid them or block them outright. It has kids corners as well and ensures that kids can choose to see only what is appropriate for their age and not be forced to view adult contents. We have tried to make it useful both for adults and children alike.

In short, we wanted it to help users see what they are missing from some existing social media platforms; to bring about change that will improve user experience than what is currently obtainable.

Feature Overview

1. Secure Sign up with chosen username 2. Freedom to control your media online 3. Find unlimited new contacts and rediscover lost contacts 4. Send end-to-end encrypted Chat messages with your closenets or Bmail a named user 5. Automatic approval to join Public Stream and Open Market 6. Kids, join and browse our Kids Corner Stream at: https://www.geezgo.com/streams/9 7. Adults, join and browse our explosive Adult Corner Stream at: https://www.geezgo.com/streams/54 8. Artists, upload your lyrics with video links in our World's Lyrics And Video Links at: https://www.geezgo.com/streams/110 9. Publish your new releases first in our New Releases Stream at: https://www.geezgo.com/streams/80 10. Businesses, create business markets 11. Services, create service streams or protected stream for adult services 12. Anyone, create protected streams for group members' use 13. Anyone, create private stream to store private data for free 14. Find high quality contents and exclusive contents 15. Suggest or join public streams of your choice 16. Suggest or join open markets 17. Give free stuff to people in need, buy or sell anything for free in our open market called Free Stuff at: https://www.geezgo.com/gmarkets/2 18. Easy to use and tailor-make with lots of safety and security controls 19... "Just geez as you go with Geezgo." https://www.geezgo.com/

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