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Nov 11, 2017

Sponsored: Invitation To Test-Drive Geezgo Platform, A New Social Network Service Launching Next Month

Geezgo - Tester's Entry Page

Brief Introduction

Geezgo is a generic social network service which allows users to connect, collect ,save and share anything online through its data sharing process call streaming. It is owned and was created by Geezgo Limited, which is based in Wellington, New Zealand. The platform, Geezgo does not charge users money to use it and was initially created in 2015 as private social media where close network of families and friends  otherwise known as Closenets share messages, photos, news and other mainstream ideas. As a private Social Network Service (PSNS), Geezgo did not discriminate on age or gender when admitting users which allowed it to be built properly with people of all ages and gender in mind. The use of the platform as a PSNS lasted for about two years between November 2015 to November 2017 when the developer decided to allow the public to test-drive Geezgo via unlimited time use invitee-code with the intention of releasing  the entire platform to the world by midnight of December 31, 2017, New Zealand time.

While Geezgo is made in New Zealand, it is a global platform and only accessible through its base URLs located at https://www.geezgo.com. Currently it has over 180 combined market and social Streams and counting, created by our users from all over the world.Users can access Geezgo through any web browser interface.

How Geezgo Works
This Information on Geezgo has been left out intentional as it will be emailed to you with your invitee-code when you request to test-drive the platform.

How To Request For Geezgo's Invitee-code

1).  Click or type https://www.geezgo.com
2). Page like the image above will open. Click on Request Invitation; fill out the form and submit it to Geezgo
3). Get your Geezgo's invitee-code through email address you provided in step 2 above
4). Go back to https://www.geezgo.com ;  enter your name and invitee-code from anywhere and at anytime and click Test-Drive-Geezgo to enter the platform.
5.) Once you land on Geezgo platform, sign up and activate your account.

That's all there is to test-driving Geezgo. 

Expect more updates on Geezgo here as they come. See you soon on geezgo.com

Geezgo Team

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