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May 16, 2017

Google Teaches Middle School Students Basics Of Coding

Jim Melwert

POTTSTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Pottstown Middle School students got a hands-on lesson in computer programming from one of the biggest names in the business.

“Today, we’re gonna have a lot of fun and learn about something really cool.”

Pottstown Middle School hosted Google’s CS First Roadshow, a hands-on demonstration that lets kids program their own story.

“Actually coding their own stories using Scratch, an introductory coding language.”

Google spokeswoman Charlotte Smith says the simplicity of Scratch allows students to see the basics of coding.

Congressman Ryan Costello sat in for a lesson, reminding the middle-schoolers how fast technology advances.

“There is more technology in your iPhone then there was in the entire NASA operation that landed on the moon,” Costello said.

Pottstown Middle School Principal Matt Boyer says what might seem challenging to adults is second-nature to middle-schoolers, but having Google in the building gets the kid’s attention:

“It just takes it to another level with them, it’s fun for them,” said Boyer.

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