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May 19, 2017

8 sure signs Android Oreo is the name at Google IO 2017

Matt Swider

This just has to be what Google calls Android O

 Matt Swider
Grab some milk, because we're sure pretty sure Android Oreo will be the name of Google's new mobile operating system update.
It's been teased several times at Google IO 2017, and although Google didn't officially confirm the name at its annual conference, it came very close.
We won't know for sure until later this summer, but we fully expect to see Android O beta will transition into the Android 8 Oreo update. Here's why.
No Oreos went uneaten in the making of this feature

1. Oreo cookies in the press room

Google is the master of teasing the press, especially when it comes to pointing to new Android operating system names every year.
At Google IO, it's done just that by filling the press room with Oreos among its snacks. It's one of a handful of snacks, but really stands out among the pack.
Is this Google hinting that the Android Oreo name is imminent, or just a clever ruse to play into our Android name predictions. If it's the latter, it's working.
Remember this?

2. Remember that KitKat partnership?

Android 8.0 Oreo wouldn't be an unprecedented move for Google simply because we've seen the company partner with a snack brand before.
Case in point, Android 4.4 KitKat was the dessert-themed name of Google's 2013 operating system. It was a great marketing opportunity for both companies.
We haven't seen a branded Android update in five years, and we know that Google isn't afraid to sync up with another big corporation. It's time for more snack synergy.

3. Google has worked with Oreo before

Not only does Google have a story of delicious partnerships, it's actually worked with Oreo as recently as this year. Is it a sign of things to come?
Clearly, both companies are currently talking to each... a lot. Google and Oreo collaborated on the mobile-based 'Oreo Space Dunk Challenge' game.
The game isn't anything special, but the fact that Oreo says it's been "created with our friends at Google" is a really good sign. 
To us, the question isn't "will it be called Android Oreo?" anymore. It's "can we please space dunk Oreos in Google DayDream four months from now?"
You can just picture with subliminal '8'

4. The 'Android 8' logo is fit for Oreo

Android Oreo would be Android 8, given the current Android Nougat is Android 7. The number 8 works perfectly for an Oreo-filled logo.
You can just see Google using two Oreo cookies to subtly form the Android Oreo logo. Or maybe it'll be one animated Oreo that reveals the cream-filling by splitting apart and forming an 8 (as I've created above).
Google doesn't focus on version numbers anymore, but has alluded to them in logos. Just look at the Android N logo. Ever notice the subtle 7?

5. No naming challenge at Google IO

Another sign that Google has already committed to Android Oreo is the fact that they didn't open up the Android name to a public vote.
Last year's Google IO saw a brilliant marketing opportunity to have Android fans pick the name of Android N. It was a great way to get the community involved in making history.
What happened at Google IO 2017? Not a peep about holding Android O naming contest. All signs point to an agreement thwarting need for a public vote.

6. Android Oreo teased in an exec tweet

It doesn't get more official than when Google's Hiroshi Lockheimer's teases the technology journalists with Oreo cake-filled GIFs on Twitter.
Lockheimer is the Senior Vice President of Platforms & Ecosystems, including Android (obvi.), Chrome OS and Play. He's also president of Android trolling.
Okay, his tweets don't confirm Android Oreo is a real thing. After all, all of those Android Nutella teases from last year didn't pan out. You never know.

7. We can't think of any other O desserts

Google's Oreo partnership may come from necessity if it wants to stick with the snack naming convention (as it has done ever since Android 1.5 Cupcake).
We can't think of another viable O-named dessert names outside of Oreos. We've tried. 
Android Oranges was the idea I came up with Google IO 2016. I figured it'd make for a fun response to anyone to incorrectly compares iOS and Android: "Oh, they're Apples and Oranges."
As much as it'd be good to see healthy alternative snacks, it's probably best to prevent me from retelling this joke for 12 months to much-deserved groans.

8. Oreos are delicious

This one isn't opinion. It's fact. And it's definitely not just Oreo cream filling just to get this feature list up to meaningful Android 8.
Oreos are a chocolate sandwich cookies consisting of two chocolate wafers and a creme-filled center. It's also 'Milks favorite cookie,' according to Oreo.
The Android O beta is introducing some delicious, user-friendly changes to the interface. Who else thinks splitting apart an Oreo cookie is similar to the new Picture-in-Picture mode?
You can find out more about the new Android O features below.

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