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Feb 4, 2017

Judge orders halt to Trump’s immigration executive order

David Kravets
Enlarge / Demonstrators at Philadelphia International Airport recently protest against the executive order that President Donald Trump signed clamping down on refugee admissions and temporarily restricting travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries.
Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images
A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump's immigration executive order, which has spurred many lawsuits and has been deeply castigated by tech sector bosses.
Trump's order Friday halted refugee arrivals for 120 days and banned for 90 days citizens of Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. US District Judge Andre Birotte Jr. issued an emergency order, which became public Wednesday, that forbids the government from enforcing Trump's order on those entering the US with a valid immigrant visa from the seven countries Trump listed. The order by the President Barack Obama appointee, however, was silent about refugees trying to enter the country, and it also did not mention the fate of tourists or others with non-immigrant visas.
Here's the important part of the ruling:
The case concerned a lawsuit brought by 28 Yemeni-born people. They are US citizens living in the US or have family members who are overseas and have been granted immigrant visas.
The Justice Department has not immediately responded to the development, which comes as Github is organizing a major effort to get companies to sign on to a lawsuit brought by Washington State against the executive order.
It's not the first legal ruling on the matter. On Saturday, in a case brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, a New York federal judge ordered an immediate halt to deportations of travelers from those seven mostly Muslim nations who are barred from entry into the US under Trump's executive order. That decision affected people covered under the executive order who had landed at US airports.

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