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YOU’RE FIRED! Look What Trump Just Did To ALL Of Obama’s Ambassadors


Dan Lindsey
In an epic move, Donald Trump is beginning the long-awaited process of draining the swamp. The president-elect is starting with all of Barack Obama’s politically appointed ambassadors. According to a report published Thursday night by The Gateway Pundit, a special edict was released by the State Department on December 23, giving the dismissive details of Trump’s order.

The order was concise and without exception, according to another report by The Daily Beast. Every ambassador politically appointed by President Obama must leave their post by Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.
Some in the political world have characterized the order as “harsh” due to its unprecedented nature. In the past, a certain number of politically appointed ambassadors have been able to stay at their posts until a more convenient time was found to leave the country in which they served.
One representative for the American Academy of Diplomacy who was interviewed by the NYT said, “I don’t recollect there was ever a guillotine in January where it was just, ‘Everybody out of the pool immediately.'”
Other politicos who are more supportive of the move have remarked that it is completely appropriate for the ambassadors to leave on the same day the president under whom they served leaves office.
According to the report, the State Department had previously advised the politically appointed ambassadors to submit their resignations by January 20, but it is very likely that these instructions were not given under the direction of President-elect Donald Trump.
Trump supporters everywhere are ecstatic with the expediency of his methods in cleaning house. It makes perfect sense for the president-elect to dismiss Obama’s politically appointed ambassadors on Inauguration Day. This is a group of people who have actively assisted Obama in bringing America down for an agonizingly awful eight years.
Although some diplomats familiar with the decision are calling it “harsh,” the Trump transition team is delivering what they promised the voters — draining the swamp to make America great again. It just so happens that we are going to start with Obama’s people in positions of power overseas who do not have our best interest at heart. I, for one, cannot wait for January 20th to come!


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