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Jan 6, 2017

Woman Struggles For Breath, Then It’s Found Out What Immigrant Did To Her

Amanda SheaWoman Suddenly Stops Breathing, Then It's Found Out What Immigrant Did To Her
Rodrigo Cabrera, 27
A New York woman was at her home in Fort Edward when she suddenly started struggling for breath and called the police for help. Officers responded to the 4 a.m. phone call, and when they arrived, they quickly determined what an illegal alien from Mexico had done to her. Now, he’s facing a long list of charges.
Rodrigo Cabrera, 27, isn’t even supposed to be in this country, but since our current president has done nothing to stop illegals from entering and benefitting off taxpayers, monsters like Cabrera are here and doing disturbing things to innocent citizens.
Cabrera’s latest victim found herself on the receiving end of this failed immigration plan, despite having a restraining order against him that she thought would be all the protection she needed.
The Post-Star reports that Cabrera is facing a felony charge of first-degree criminal contempt for violating a judge’s order of protection when he choked a woman in her own home, making her unable to breathe, and leaving her neck covered in cuts and bruises.
He also faces misdemeanor charges of assault, criminal obstruction of breathing, menacing, and unlawful imprisonment from his attack on the woman he knew but wasn’t supposed to be around.
Thanks to President Obama and his love of loose borders, this illegal alien doesn’t think boundaries and rules are for him, as was proven by his ability to easily come into the country and stay here. America has enough thugs committing crimes here, and we don’t need people from other countries to add to it while we also pay their way with benefits that they get and don’t deserve.
Had Donald Trump’s wall been up with tighter border security in place, this woman would have been spared from injury, and she wouldn’t have had to endure this terrifying ordeal. The incident also serves as proof that a piece of paper, stating a judge’s order, does not protect you — only a gun easily levels the field against a criminal.

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