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Wife Shops Without Muslim Husband’s Consent, ‘Loses’ Something Gruesome

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Wife Shops Without Muslim Husband's Consent, 'Loses' Something Gruesome
After a Muslim woman left the house to go shopping without her husband’s permission, a group of devout followers decided to deliver her gruesome Islamic punishment in her husband’s absence.
While a Muslim man was out, his young wife decided to go shopping without first asking for his permission, thinking just one time couldn’t hurt. However, as soon as he found out that she stepped foot outside the home, she had something gruesomely “taken” from her for disobeying her husband.
The Quran is very clear when it comes to a woman’s worth. In fact, Allah states that not only are men superior to women in all things but also that they may beat their wives if they even suspect a hint of disobedience in them. Of course, to ensure that “moderate Muslims” don’t shrug this off as having some figurative interpretation, their prophet Muhammad modeled Allah’s literal meaning by striking his own child bride in the chest when she left the house without his consent.
Over a millennium later, Allah’s obedient followers are still striking their wives to show them that the Quran gives them authority over females. Unfortunately, some are going a bit further than the typical Islamic wife beating.
According to Pakistani online newspaper The Nation, a man found that while he was away, several other men took care of punishing his wife for her un-Islamic behavior. When a Sharia patrol found out that the 30-year-old woman was shopping in the Sar-e-Pul province of Afghanistan with her husband’s permission, they confronted her. Dissatisfied with merely beating her, the group of armed men brutally beheaded the woman in public.
The province is controlled by the Taliban, which acts as a Sharia government to instill the most barbaric aspects of Islam. Under its rule, women are prohibited from leaving their homes without their male superior’s consent and must be accompanied at all times by a male relative. Police believe that the men may have had links to the Taliban, but no one has been arrested.
The Express reports that authorities believe that the woman had gone to pick up some items from the market on Monday while her husband was away on business in Iran. This illegal behavior prompted the patrol to target the woman, ultimately exacting the grisly discipline.
Woman are also forced to wear the burka under the full-blown implementation of Sharia law, as the province takes the Quran and hadith as divine commands and not religious suggestions. Just as Muhammad did, when someone disobeys these Islamic orders, they are dealt with by brutal torture or a harsh execution.
As Muhammad was growing in popularity and power, he grew more ruthless when dealing with petty offenders, especially women. Several accounts from his own disciples detail Muhammad’s slaughter of women, children, and slaves for breaking the earliest establishment of Sharia law.
The Islamic prophet set the standard by ordering his men to kill Fartana and Quraybah, 2 young slave girls accused of reciting poetry that made fun of him. Quraybah escaped execution by agreeing to convert to Islam. Fartana, on the other hand, refused and was executed.
Read about any of the inhumane dealings of the Islamic State or any other Islamic terrorist group and there’s no denying that they dole out the same brutality as Muhammad. They know the Quran and quote it with fervency each time they carry out its violent commands. They are not misinterpreting it but following it just like Muhammad, the only man Allah to whom gave the authority to interpret it.
Of course, these Taliban-tied patrollers didn’t randomly think up beheading the enemies of Islam. Muslim have been doing this for centuries because, again, Muhammad modeled it. Their prophet took the Quran’s command to “strike off their heads” by ordering his troops to behead every last man and boy in the peaceful Banu Qurayza tribe.
When we examine the savagery of terrorist organizations from afar, we’re not looking at radical cults who’ve strayed from their religious duties. These groups are the epitome of their ideology’s purest example. Of course, these devout followers aren’t content in their Middle Eastern hubs. They’re determined to spread Islam as Muhammad did around the world until “the religion, all of it, is for Allah.” Sadly, we’ve given them the means to accomplish this by accepting that they’re all fleeing a tyrannical political ideology as refugees instead of perpetuating it.
Photo Credit [Breitbart, Guido Dingemans]
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