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Jan 5, 2017

Trump PISSED About What Showed Up In D.C. 2 Weeks Before His Inauguration

Amanda SheaTrump PISSED About What Showed Up In D.C. 2 Weeks Before His Inauguration
President-elect Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama (right)
Dooms Day for Democrats is right around the corner. We’re about two weeks away, and liberals snowflakes are in full meltdown mode. Although Donald Trump will be our next president, whether they accept it or not, they seem to want to die trying to prevent it from happening.
With all of the final preparations being put in place to make for a Trump-worthy event to honor this man who has already proven he’ll restore America after two terms of President Obama’s disaster, it seems that the incensed left is also prepping for Inauguration Day in the worst way. At just days away from when Trump will victoriously march through Washington, D.C., he learned of what’s in the works and so did someone else who enacted the perfect plan in “taking care” of it.
There are more people for Trump than against him, and no matter how hard they try to win, they continuously lose and refuse to see that. The vilest army against him at this current time are liberal feminists who believe the country is going to become a playground under the lie that Trump perpetuates rape culture. According to Politico, Women’s March on Washington has applied for a First Amendment permit application to protest at his Inauguration, claiming to have 200,000 people who plan to participate.
The group’s name already indicates that they aren’t as powerful as they think they are since they were forced to downgrade to calling themselves simply a “Women’s March” after they first came in overinflated by referring to themselves as “million woman march.” Clearly, that number couldn’t be fulfilled, and even though 200,000 people in a Facebook group said they’d be there, it’s doubtful that more than 20 will actually show up. In the meantime, someone else has filed for a First Amendment permit which will stop these women and their misguided statements in their tracks.
“Bikers for Trump, a group supporting Trump, applied for a permit for the day after the inauguration at the same location,” Politico reported, citing the reason as “to celebrate president-elect, and encourage peaceful transition.” The difference between liberals and Trump supporters is that the latter will actually show up and do what they say they will, just like the leader they voted for has.

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