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Jan 1, 2017

Tom Brady: 2016 has presented "different challenges"

By Alex Butler
Critics and fans might push the narrative that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is on a 'revenge tour' of sorts.

The 39-year-old could just be pushing to set the NFL on fire once again. He could be looking to win another MVP trophy and shove it in commissioner Roger Goodell's face.
If he is, he's not telling anybody. At least not yet.
Motivation is something Brady has always had. It's what pushed him to succeed since being drafted as a sixth rounder in 2000. He had it when he was a backup for two years at Michigan and when he sat behind Drew Bledsoe for a year with the Patriots. It's unknown at this point if Brady searches for the motivation, or if the motivation finds him.
"I think every year just presents different challenges," Brady said Sunday, after beating the Miami Dolphins 35-14. "I think you take what you learn and just try to apply it the best you can. 17 years is a long time and it's just good to come down here and win."
"This has always been a challenging place for us, for one reason or another. We just found a way to beat a good football team. They are a playoff team and if they win next week, we'll play them again so we'll see how it goes."
Brady completed 25-of-33 passes for 276 yards and three touchdowns Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. He now has an unprecedented 28 touchdowns against just two interceptions. The two-time All-Pro is on pace to win his third NFL MVP Award and could find himself in contention for a fifth Super Bowl victory, despite missing the first four games of the season due to his DeflateGate suspension.
He notoriously fought that suspension following an investigation lasting more than 500 days. His initial four-game ban was erased on Sept. 3, 2015, only to be reinstated on April 25.
"14-2 is a good place to be," Brady said. "It's pretty sweet to come here and win. It's been a tough place for us to play and that's an excited locker room. To finish with eight wins on the road...those are fun flights home and bus rides. It's been good. We've worked pretty hard, like every team does, and its good to be in this position."
The Patriots secured the top seed in the AFC and home field advantage throughout the playoffs with the win. Brady could get a rematch with the Dolphins if the Dolphins beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card round.
Brady is 22-9 all-time in the playoffs.

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