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Thug Pulls Gun To Test Sick Theory On Cop, Not Laughing Seconds Later

Robert Rich
An idiot recently decided to test a theory after being pulled over by a police officer for a standard traffic violation. Unfortunately, the ordeal would soon turn into so much more as the man brandished a firearm – but the moron wasn’t laughing just seconds later.
According to Jose Vaca, 29, of Bakersfield, California, he was having a discussion about a month ago pertaining to the current perception of police. Speaking with a woman whose husband was killed by police, the man argued that there are actually many good police officers on the force.
Smug Thug Pulls Gun To Test Sick Theory On Cop, Not Laughing Seconds Later
Jose Vaca
Although the conversation soon ended without him giving it a second thought, the matter soon resurfaced when Vaca was pulled over by Officer Christian Hernandez. Thinking it would be the perfect time to prove to the woman that he was right, he decided to reveal that he had a gun in the car by carrying it in his hand as he exited the vehicle.
As one would imagine, the officer, unaware of the motives behind Vaca’s actions, was forced to defend himself from the possible threat. Several gunshots later, Vaca was lying on the ground bleeding. Although police reports indicate that Officer Hernandez only fired 9 shots, Vaca states that 9 bullets were found inside his body after the shooting with another three rounds having passed entirely through his body and leaving exit wounds behind.
Smug Thug Pulls Gun To Test Sick Theory On Cop, Not Laughing Seconds Later
The gun Jose Vaca illegally had in his possession
However, there is one small thing that this officer likely knew as soon as he ran Vaca’s license plates – he was a felon. Of course, as felons aren’t supposed to have firearms, you can imagine the thoughts that ran through this cop’s head after not only seeing that Vaca had a gun, but that he was getting out of the car with it in his hand.
As it turns out, the moron had bought the gun at an auction with plans to sell it, but he didn’t make it that far. Booked on 11 criminal counts, including possession of a firearm as a convicted felon and participating in a criminal street gang, Vaca is facing quite some time behind bars and is currently being held on $400,000 bail.
Smug Thug Pulls Gun To Test Sick Theory On Cop, Not Laughing Seconds Later
The scene where Jose Vaca was shot after branding a firearm in front of police
Hindsight is 20/20, and Vaca now states that his alleged experiment was “ill-conceived,” saying that it wasn’t worth the pain. However, he does state that he feels “blessed to be alive” and that he realizes now that the officer was well within his rights as he “didn’t know what to expect.”
“What I was hoping for them to do was tell me, ‘Drop the gun! Back away from the firearm! Get on the ground! Turn around!’ And it was going to be an arrest,” he said. “But I was completely wrong.”
A word to the wise – if you ever have a gun on you when being questioned by police, inform them that you do. Never reach for it. Keep your hands in plain sight. If you want to get shot, well, do what Vaca did since he rightfully deserved everything he got. Although they say you can’t fix stupid, I hope this moron learned a thing or two. Then again, he’s going to have quite some time in his cage to think over his actions.

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