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Jan 6, 2017

SHOCK: Toddler Asks Alexa Question, Results Have Mom Shouting ‘STOP!’

Dan Lindsey
Amazon’s artificial intelligence might be in some hot water after giving a child, who was searching for his favorite song, some results that had his parents rushing to turn off the device. In the shocking video, the artificial intelligence personality named “Alexa” starts rattling off words that would make anyone cringe.
After viewing this unbelievable footage, one has to think it might be a good idea for manufacturers to consider some kind of child safety mechanism and build it into their artificial intelligence software. In the video, the child asks Alexa to find a song called “Digger, Digger.” Instead of producing the desired result, Alexa gives the child an alternative, “Comedy Ringtones Vol. 2” from Spotify.
Oddly enough, the artist’s name has keywords under it such as “c*ck,” “an*l d*ldo,” and “p*ssy,” which Alexa starts to provide to the child as search results. Immediately, the parents in the video can be heard shouting at Alexa to stop talking. Unfortunately, the raunchy recitation was already delivered by Amazon’s popular tech device.

As reported by InfoWars, the Spotify staff responsible for curating the ringtones section of their library may not have given it the appropriate amount of editorial attention. When reading the “By” field for this search result, one would find a long list of expletives no parent would want their three-year-old repeating. One could only imagine what crazy places on the internet Alexa could find if asked the wrong question by a child.
I love technology just as much as the next nerd, but there are definitely some improvements that need to be made to Amazon’s artificial intelligence program. Spotify might consider building in some algorithms to filter certain search results and hire a few more content editors. Instances like these definitely make you wonder if Amazon invested the necessary resources into research and development before they put this product on the shelves for consumers.
For the time being, it might be best to keep Alexa in the same place where mom and dad keep the steak knives, household cleaners, and matches — out of the reach of children.

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