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Refugees Spot Baby In Stroller, Father Horrified By What They Left Inside

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Refugees Spot Baby In Stroller, Father Horrified By What They Left Inside
While a father was letting his 3-month-old baby sleep in a stroller, he discovered something horrifying left by a group of migrants.
After a group of asylum seekers spotted a stroller with a 3-month-old baby, they decided to carry out what politically correct media are disgustingly referring to as a “prank” in order to protect the migrant criminals. However, as soon as the baby’s father looked inside the baby carriage, he was horrified to find something that would make any parent’s stomach churn.
As liberals open borders in the name of multiculturalism, we find our tolerance and generosity met with the violent and oppressive values migrants perpetuate in their own countries. Still, leftists somehow believe that if we appease them enough, they’ll abandon 1,400 years worth of their barbaric ideology and religious laws.
According to Swedish online newspaper Helahalsingland, a 3-month-old infant is lucky to be alive after the child and father encountered a group of refugee “youths.” On December 30, the father was allowing his baby to sleep in a stroller in Gavle when a migrant gang approached and began hurling firecrackers and makeshift rockets at them. The refugees launched a small explosive into the baby carriage with the child. Miraculously, the father managed to grab the firework out the stroller before it detonated.
Incredibly, the quick-thinking parent saved his infant from certain mutilation and perhaps even death. Of course, the migrants continued celebrating after nearly killing the baby, placing lit fireworks in stairwells, mail slots, and businesses across the neighborhood.
Refugees Spot Baby In Stroller, Father Horrified By What They Left Inside
Adhering to political correctness, police spokesman Michael Hedstrom (left) shrugged off the nearly fatal attack as a nothing more than a “prank.”
Like clockwork, leftists were there to excuse the nearly fatal attack as nothing more than a practical joke. In fact, Michael Hedstrom, a spokesperson for the Gavle Police Department, trivialized the attack as a “prank” and one of many “unpleasant events.”
“An extremely ugly prank,” Hedstrom said. “There have been many unpleasant events. Luckily, the father could get hold of firecracker and throw it away before it exploded. Otherwise, it would have been very bad.”
Disturbingly, the police were only notified about the attack after witnesses saw the migrant youths throw the firecracker into the stroller. The father has not contacted the police, most likely because Sweden’s justice system unfairly favors migrant offenders over their victims, often allowing them to go free with little to no punishment.
Fria Tider reports that in 30 years on the force, Hedstrom admits that he’s never seen anything like the crime wave being perpetrated by asylum seekers. The gang of 20 to 30 asylum seeking men was enough to leave the entire neighborhood fearing for their lives.
Hedstrom added that the migrant offenders are believed to be between the ages of 13 and 18, making them almost all unaccompanied minors. However, age doesn’t seem to matter much, as even “refugee children” are perpetuating the same violence, racism, and misogyny as their older counterparts.
After Sweden’s population grew from 9 million to 9.5 million with the influx of refugees, rape skyrocketed 1,472 percent and violent crime increased 300 percent. The amount of crime is disproportionately perpetrated by the host country’s Muslim migrant population. Now, statistics suggest that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped in their lifetime.
Unfortunately, the left doesn’t understand that this is what happens when you tolerate the world’s most intolerant religion. They simply refuse to believe that taking the adherents of a fundamentally violent and bigoted ideology will spread its values. Ironically, they seem to think that appeasing them will cause them to discard their oppressive values for the progressive freedoms they so despise.
When the Islamic prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina, he came as a refugee. Within a few short years, he had enslaved and slaughtered every last Jew who was unable to flee his troops’ onslaught. Having been driven out of Mecca due to his war-mongering, he justified the ambushing and beheading of hundreds of Jewish civilians after they welcomed him and provided him with refuge in Medina.
Muhammad eventually conquered his host city, pillaging, torturing, raping, and executing until the day he died. This is why Muslim migrants are brutalizing their way across the West. It is the great commission of Allah that the world is conquered for Islam.
Photo Credit [Fria Tider, Helahalsingland, Bare Naked Islam]
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