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Jan 10, 2017

Pakistan tests submarine-launched cruise missile

Pakistan has test-flown a submarine-launched cruise missile in the Indian ocean; says the weapon gives the country second-strike capability. 

 By Richard Tomkins
Pakistan's Babur-3 submarine-launched cruise missile takes to the air. Photo courtesy of ISPR 
Pakistan conducted its first successful underwater launch of its Babur-3 cruise missile from a submarine in the Indian Ocean.
The missile, a variant of the ground-launched Barbur-2, flew nearly 280 miles before striking its target, the Pakistan Inter-Services Public Relations said.
The military agency said this week that the flight test was conducted last month.
Babur-3 utilizes underwater controlled propulsion, advanced guidance and navigation features. It features terrain-hugging and sea-skimming flight capabilities to evade hostile radar and air defenses and unidentified stealth technologies.
"Babur-3 SLCM in land-attack mode, is capable of delivering various types of payloads and will provide Pakistan with a credible second-strike capability," the agency said.
The test was witnessed by the chairman of Pakistan's Joint Chiefs of Staff, Committee Gen. Zubair Mahmood Hayat, and other senior military officials.

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