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Obama Throws One Last WH Party, LOOK Who We Found On The Guest List


The President and First Lady enjoy themselves during a White House party in 2016
Apparently, the Obamas don’t think they have spent enough of your tax dollars during their lavish Christmas vacation in Hawaii — you know, the one they just returned from this week. They have decided to throw one final shindig at the White House before they are officially forced to leave. As if that’s not bad enough, you won’t believe who we found on the guest list.
Barack and Michelle will be throwing open the doors of the executive mansion this Friday for a star-studded party that promises to see the president dancing the night away without a care in the world. This, despite the fact that his legacy will be left in smoldering ruins as soon as Donald Trump moves into the White House.
A slew of A-list Hillary supporters are expected to attend the Obamas’ Friday bash at the executive mansion.
Perhaps because of this, as an added insult to Donald Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him, Obama has reportedly invited many of the celebrities who have publicly voiced their refusal to attend the president-elect’s historic inauguration on January 20.
Western Journalism revealed several prominent Hillary Clinton supporters who are planning to attend Obama’s going away party:
Oprah Winfrey, who bookended the Obamas’ presidential career with interviews of Barack in 2004 (Oprah called him “The One”) and Michelle in December (Michelle said she had “no hope” after Trump’s election as Oprah nodded in sympathy).
Then there’s cop-hating actor Samuel Jackson, cop-hating rapper Usher, cop-hating diva Beyonce and her cop-hating husband, Jay Z.
(If you’re seeing a pattern here, you’re obviously a delusional, cop-loving racist.)
Some other names The Washington Post floated for the Obamas’ last bash blowout included “Star Wars” director J.J. Adams, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, and actor Bradley Cooper. All of them big-money donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, now getting wined and dined at sumptuous taxpayer expense just for being the good liberals they are.
The party this Friday is a kickoff of sorts for Obama’s so-called “goodbye tour.” Next week, he will head to his hometown of Chicago to deliver a farewell speech. Ironically, there is perhaps no better manifestation of the consequences of liberal policies than the city of Chicago, where murders are an everyday occurrence despite strict gun control laws. A fitting location, I suppose, for the worst president in American history to give his final speech.


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