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Jan 1, 2017

Muslim Refugee Butchers Woman Alive When He Sees What’s In Her Hand

Dom the Conservative

Muslim Refugee Butchers Woman Alive When He Sees What's In Her Hand
A Muslim asylum seeker stabbed a fellow refugee when he saw her with something un-Islamic in her hand.
A woman was quietly conversing with a group of migrants in an asylum center when a young Muslim refugee entered the room. As soon as a male refugee saw the “offensive” item that she was holding in her hand, however, he immediately launched a gruesome attack.
Westerners are told that it is their responsibility to resettle the ceaseless flood of migrants mainly from Muslim countries. As they pass by countless safe Islamic nations for the glorious benefits in the West, the left assures us that our tolerance and love will turn the followers of the most oppressive and violent ideology in the world into grateful neighbors. Unfortunately, although our benefits don’t offend these asylum seekers, our civil liberties certainly do.
When the Islamic prophet Muhammad ordered his followers to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them,” he was referring to Quran’s command to “fight until there is no more disbelief in Islam and the religion is for Allah alone.” Sadly, a young “refugee” decided to become more devout, targeting one of his own loving hosts.
Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports that a 22-year-old Afghan asylum seeker became increasingly upset that a group of Christians was peacefully discussing their religion, Breitbart translates. However, his rage came to a head when he suddenly noticed that a 50-year-old woman, who was presumably a fellow Muslim refugee, was invited by Christians to sit at the table and read from a Bible.
Muslim Refugee Butchers Woman Alive When He Sees What's In Her Hand
The Muslim migrant attacked the woman, who is presumably Muslim, because she had been invited to sit and read from the Bible by Christian refugees.
Since apostasy is punishable by death in the Quran, the young Muslim migrant brandished a large knife and attacked the older woman, plunging the blade into her torso multiple times. Miraculously, her thick winter coat prevented the knife from penetrating deeper, saving her from fatal injuries, the Express reports. The woman fell backward as the migrant continued stabbing her, causing her to hit and damage her ear on the floor.
Police were called to the scene and immediately arrested the asylum seeker. Ironically, he confessed that he had “overreacted,” telling authorities that the attack was prompted by “personal problems.” Of course, those educated on Islam understand that these personal problems were due to his devotion to jihad, which self-proclaimed moderates falsely claim is an “inner struggle.”
This migrant knew that for Muslims to embrace any other faith is an unforgivable sin for which the punishment is execution. Muhammad modeled this by ordering his men to execute men, women, and even children for minor offenses against Islam. Of course, Allah and his messenger always spoke of apostasy as one of the worst sins a Muslim can commit.
Sahih Bukhari (52:260) – “…The Prophet said, ‘If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.’ ”
Sahih Bukhari (84:57) – [In the words of] “Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.'”
al-Muwatta of Imam Malik (36.18.15) – “The Messenger of Allah said, “If someone changes his religion – then strike off his head.”
Religious persecution is something Christian refugees face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end once they find refuge in a Western country. Mahin Mousapour, an Iranian-born German politician, revealed the abuse Christians face at the hands of their fellow Muslim asylum seekers.
“Toys of Christian children are being destroyed, Christian asylum seekers are told not only to wash their dishes after eating but also that they must clean the entire kitchen as it would otherwise be ‘unclean’. Many Muslim asylum seekers call all Christians unclean. Church services are held in secret, bibles and crucifixes have to be hidden,” she said.
In fact, over 90,000 Christians around the world were slaughtered for their faith in 2016, once again making them the most persecuted religious group in the world.
Muslims aren’t instructed to repay kindness with kindness, especially when it comes from unbelievers. In fact, their faith teaches them how to use our tolerance and peace to conquer our lands and establish Sharia. Fortunately, not every Muslim understands their religion or chooses to become a true follower of Islam like their prophet. However, the constant propagation of their fundamentally violent ideology as a peaceful, progressive religion is what keeps the willfully ignorant left at their defense.
Photo Credit [RT, Charisma News, Trinity]

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