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Michelle Gets $20 Mil After Sickening Secret Comes Out About Her Marriage


Amanda SheaMichelle Gets $20 Mil After Sickening Secret Comes Out About Her Marriage
Michelle and Barack Obama (left), Michelle Obama with Beyonce (right)
For eight years, Barack Obama’s relationship with Michelle has been made to look like marital bliss to the public, but it’s just another lie perpetuated by the Obama administration. A lot has been kept behind closed doors in the White House, but now that the Obamas are moving, their skeletons are spilling out with them, which apparently pays pretty well after the shocking truth came out about the First Couple.
Michelle stands to make more money than her husband after saying farewell to her role as the First Lady, raking in $20 million for exposing what many Americans have suspected, but also probably more than we all wanted to know. The president stands to profit as well, pocketing several million in dirty money for the filth that’s about to come out.
Michelle’s character is considered to be of “unknown quality” but apparently more likable than her husband, which is why she will profit the most out of their post-presidential book deal. However, there is a catch.
In order to bring in this massive $40 million windfall, Michelle has to essentially sell her husband and family out by revealing “the ups and downs of her marriage” and “horror stories about raising her two daughters in the public spotlight,” one publishing executive said, according to Opposing Views. However, there’s also one more caveat to this cash.
“Michelle would also have to dish on her thoughts upon meeting with President-elect Donald Trump’s family and her real feelings about Hillary,” the report noted. Without a doubt, Michelle will probably take this deal because she’ll get paid to run her mouth no matter who she has to throw under the bus for the money — including her own husband and daughters. If Barack wants to get the big bucks, he’ll have to give up intriguing tidbits about Hillary Clinton and her email server or Benghazi.
We are expected to believe that the Obamas will tell the truth in their book, which surely won’t be the case as they’re likely to spin facts in their favor and get paid for it. That’s the only thing that they know how to do.
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