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Jan 24, 2017

Man who spent $96k in stolen veterans funds on online porn gets prison

David Kravets
A Connecticut veteran who was treasurer at both an American Legion and VFW post was sentenced Friday to 2.5 years in prison. Local media said Frederick Brown, 72, of Mansfield, spent $96,000 on Internet porn over a three-year period.
According to local media, Brown stopped pilfering funds after realizing the veterans' posts were running out of cash. He stole as much as $144,000 in all. Local media said the defendant got "sucked in" to viewing live online pornography in which women became more provocative when viewers tipped more online tokens.
"Mr. Brown said that he basically got 'sucked in' and continued to do it because it was fun," according to a warrant. "Mr. Brown stopped... buying tokens in September 2014 because he started running out of money, and he was worried that someone else in the post would find out."
Brown flew B-52-bombers in Vietnam and has no prior criminal record. He was ordered to serve five years of probation and to repay the money. Brown's attorney urged house arrest and said the defendant requires a heart transplant, has diabetes, and suffers from chronic liver failure.
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