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Man Sees Bloody Beauty Dying In Road, Takes SICK Advantage Of Her Position


Robert Rich
A woman thought she was having the worst day of her life after being hit by a car and left to die in the streets, but she soon found out, things can always get worse. Proving just that was the disgusting man who watched it all take place then wandered over shortly after and took sick advantage of the bleeding beauty’s position.
Ruby-Tuesday Hobbs, 18, was walking with two friends on Christmas Eve when she was hit by a car on the streets of Plymouth, Devon in England. As it turns out, the driver of the BMW was drunk and collided with the woman, shattering both of her legs in the process, according to BBC News.
Man Sees Bloody Beauty Dying In Road, Takes SICK Advantage Of Her Position
Ruby-Tuesday Hobbs (left) and the car that hit her (right) (Source: Mail Online)
Things would only get worse from there as the woman lay bleeding, broken, and dying in the street. As it turns out, a 35-year-old man was watching from across the road and decided to take full advantage of the horrific situation.
Without warning and as sneakily as he could, the man slithered close to the woman, who was screaming for help, only to grab her iPhone and walk away. Knowing that his victim couldn’t get up and come after him, the man managed to rip off a woman who was absolutely helpless.
Man Sees Bloody Beauty Dying In Road, Takes SICK Advantage Of Her Position
(Source: Mail Online)
Fortunately, first responders were able to get to Ruby in time to save her life, immediately taking her to an area hospital. There, she underwent an extensive 10-hour surgery, where doctors put her leg bones back together like a puzzle.
Not only having to have a blood transfusion on account of the significant blood loss, Ruby also had a metal plate inserted into her right thigh to help keep the bones together as well. Officers have since arrested the 27-year-old man responsible for driving drunk and tracked down the disgusting individual who stole her phone, also arresting him.
There are some really low people out there, but this guy may just take the cake. To not help a person bloody, broken, and dying, helpless in the street, is unthinkable. However, to take advantage of that person by stealing from them, knowing that they couldn’t do anything about it, well, that just indicates he’s the worst of the worst.

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