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Jan 1, 2017

Man Finds Teen Unconscious In Street, Wakes Up Missing Something Important

Amanda Shea
Man Finds Teen Unconcious In Street, Wakes Up Missing Something Important
Phillip Colvin (right)
A 13-year-old boy was riding his dirt bike alone on a Georgia road when he lost control and crashed. As he lay critically injured on the street, a man happened on the scene, but rather than helping him, he decided to take advantage of the kid, leaving him without something important that shocked responders who arrived later.
On Tuesday, the De Kalb County boy ran a red light on his dirt bike and hit a box truck, throwing him to the ground and critically injuring him. His hope at help was a stranger arriving out of nowhere. Others assumed he knew the victim by the was he was acting, but he delivered a big dose of insult to injury to the kid instead.
“He was laying down and he wasn’t moving,” Henry Taylor told WSB-TV after he saw the teen, but he was also a witness to something else. “I saw him laying there. I look up and I see the other guy starting the dirt bike as that poor kid was on the ground hurt, and he just got on it like it was nothing and started going down the road,” another witness, Phillip Colvin, said. Colvin and Taylor were trying to get the kid help when an unknown man came up and stole the dirtbike from the witness by driving off on it.
Having seen that the kid was critically injured and couldn’t stop him, he took advantage of the situation by taking the boy’s bike. One witness chased him down and took pictures of him, but he still got away. Police are working to identify the guy and determine if in fact he does know the victim and was taking his bike back home or was actually stealing it. The latter seems more likely to be the case, but in either scenario, he didn’t do anything to help and only left the injured kid.
Society has devolved to such a point that a motorbike is valued at more than a human life to some. The man who took this kid’s bike had no way of knowing if the boy was dead or dying and is only lucky that the witnesses weren’t able to catch him and deliver a much deserve beating for leaving the scene of a bad bike accident with the child victim’s belongings.

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