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Jan 2, 2017

MAJOR Country Kicks Out All Illegals, Tells Muslims To ‘Get The F*** Out!’

As Islamic terror attacks continue to erupt worldwide with alarming frequency, at least one major European country has finally had enough. Italy has announced a “zero tolerance” policy aimed at deporting all Muslims who are in the country illegally. Are you listening, Barack Obama?!
Following terrorist attacks in Berlin and Germany, intensified checks and controls will be instituted and deportations will increase, according to a letter sent to police departments by national police chief Franco Gabrielli. In the letter, Gabrielli urges “maximum attention from the different branches of law enforcement to track down foreigners in irregular situations through targeted controls” and directs officers to “establish immediate contact with immigration officials to expedite deportation procedures.”
National police chief Franco Gabrielli issued a letter to police departments instructing law enforcement officers to ramp up their deportation efforts. (Source: Parlamento News)
Gabrielli’s letter, which has now received worldwide attention, doesn’t stop there. He also blames illegals for the “crisis” his country is facing and “an international scenario characterized by instability and threats.” Indeed, he appears to believe, like many conservatives, that the mass migration of Muslims to Western countries is doing nothing but destabilizing those nations and turning the entire world into a scary version of the Middle East.
Of course, something like this would never fly in Obama’s America, where “racial profiling” (although Islam isn’t even a race) is akin to premeditated murder. Still, Italy is bound to see a slew of positive outcomes from their crackdown on illegal immigration.
The U.S. would do well to take note, just as we have noted the horrifying consequences of allowing millions of un-vetted Muslims into countries whose values and culture were drastically different from what exists in predominately Islamic countries.
Gabrielli’s harsh new policy was announced on New Year’s Eve, which is considered a particularly vulnerable time due to the large crowds that gather in towns and cities across Europe. According to Breitbart, last year’s celebrations were marked by scores of cases of robbery and sexual assault by migrants in the center of Cologne, Germany, resulting in more than 1,000 criminal charges.
“We are keeping a careful watch on the terror risk, with all the agencies and resources in the field to guarantee the security of the territory,” Italy’s Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti said on Friday. “But this should not prevent the citizens of our country from feeling safe and celebrating the festivities in all tranquility.”
Italian police officers are cracking down on illegal Muslim immigration. (Source: Getty)
The U.S. increased security measures this year, as well, instructing counterterrorism officers to be vigilant against potential truck attacks in New York City. This followed the deadly truck attack in Berlin last month, when Tunisian jihadist Anis Amri drove a tractor-trailer through a Christmas market, killing twelve and injuring dozens more.
Do you believe Italian officials have made the right move by cracking down on illegal immigration in 2017? I sure do! Leave your opinion on Italy’s new policy when you SHARE this report if you think Obama should follow suit here in the United States!

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