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Journalist Tries To Prove Trump’s Racist — There’s 1 Problem With Her Story


NPR personality and former ABC News reporter Michelle Norris was on CBS’ Face the Nation this Sunday, where she took her notorious race-baiting to a whole new level. Apparently, she has run out of legitimate reasons to attack President-elect Donald Trump and has reverted to a tactic used by all card-carrying liberals: calling him a racist, but there’s just one problem with her story.
Unfortunately for Norris, those with a better understanding of the truth and modern political history were quick to point out her obvious hypocrisy. Now, the prominent African-American journalist is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?
Norris took offense to Trump’s popular campaign slogan on Face the Nation, claiming that there is racism embedded in the four words “Make America Great Again.” She called Trump’s promise a threat to people of color, because what he really means (in her deranged opinion) is that we must bring back “white prosperity.”

Did you catch all that? It’s a lot of liberal pshyco-babble to keep up with.
Claiming that minorities should be concerned, Norris attempted to explain herself by saying, “Because you’re talking about going back to a time that was not very comfortable for people of color. They did not have opportunities, they were relegated to the back of the line.”
What she clearly did not consider, before launching head-on into this diluted line of reasoning, was that Bill Clinton used the exact same words multiple times while campaigning for his own wife during the Democratic primary back in 2008. “It’s time for another comeback. Time to make America great again,” he said repeatedly while lobbying voters to choose Hillary over then-newcomer Barack Obama.
I guess Slick Willy didn’t realize that line was so “racist,” because he also used it during his own campaign for the White House back in 1992. That didn’t stop him from attacking Trump for using the four-word slogan for the exact same purpose, though.
It’s really no surprise to see the left employing these sort of double-standards; it’s what they do. However, it does seem to be getting easier to dismantle their ill-founded arguments as time goes on.

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