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Ivanka Buys New D.C. House, Shocked People Realize One Terrifying Problem

Amanda SheaIvanka Buys New D.C. House, Shocked People Realize One Terrifying Problem
Ivanka Trump with husband Jared Kushner and their children (left), The family’s new home in Washington, D.C. (right)
Ivanka Trump’s impressive role in her father’s presidential win led her to trade in her career in business for a position in politics, moving her family from New York to Washington, D.C. The future First Daughter just sealed that deal by securing a place not far from the White House, but when the picture of it got out, people couldn’t help but notice one thing about it.
The rumored move in both location and career destinations have come to fruition, now that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have signed on the dotted line for a beautiful home in D.C.’s swanky Kalorama neighborhood. She couldn’t be more excited and neither could conservatives, who love to see class restored in politics, but there’s something amiss about the house she’s selected for her family of five, which people on both sides of the aisle noticed for different reasons.
The problem isn’t with the price tag at $5.5 million dollars as her money has been rightfully earned in a successful business she built. However, the same can’t be said for the Obamas who will be her close neighbors for the next couple of years, as their post-presidency estate is just a three-minute walk from where the First Daughter will reside. That’s not all that’s within terrifyingly close proximity to the president-elect’s family, which has the Secret Service on high alert.
IJ Review reports that the Islamic Center of Washington, the Embassy of Oman, and the Embassy of Turkey are also within walking distance to Ivanka’s house and, less surprisingly, the Obamas. “That said, the presence of the United States Secret Service will be strong in the neighborhood, owing to the homes of the former first family and, it would seem now, the current first family,” the report noted.
Ivanka Buys New D.C. House, Shocked People Realize One Terrifying Problem
Map of where Ivanka’s house is in proximity to the Obamas’ and other landmarks of note
Like her father, Ivanka doesn’t base any of her decisions off of what her detractors think. She will do what she feels is best for her family since she isn’t afraid of other people and their opinions.
She will have the security she needs to keep them safe from the leftist lunatics, including the soon-to-be former president and his family who are right around the corner. It would be comical if she put a pro-Trump sign in her front yard just to stick it to her new neighbors.

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