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Guy Saw Former Lover With Disabled Triplets, Realized She Hid Something

Divorce is inevitably difficult, especially when children are involved, but the road that Liz Dunn has walked is hard to imagine. When she made the decision to divorce her husband, she was left to raise their three-year-old daughter on her own. What she didn’t realize at the time, was that she was pregnant again, this time with triplets. The next surprise she got was even more of a shock.
When Liz gave birth to the three identical girls at 24 weeks, they weighed less than four pounds combined. It was a miracle that they survived at all, but the miracle infants Zoe, Sophie and Emma developed ototoxicity from the antibiotics they received in the hospital to prevent infection. At four-month-old, Liz learned that her girls were blind. When they turned two-years-old, she learned they were deaf.
It’s hard to imagine raising four young children on your own, but with three of them being deaf and blind, Liz was understandably worn out. The single mother was emotionally and physically depleted; she had nothing left to give. That’s when an old flame walked back into her life and changed everything.
It had been fourteen years since Liz had last been with her college boyfriend, George. When the two reunited, Liz thought he would go running for the hills when he found out that she had four children and three of them were deaf and blind. However, he did just the opposite.
Today, the world’s only known deaf and blind identical triplets are doing the best they can with help of a loving step-father who has changed their situation for the better, and Liz could not be more thankful.

Step-parents can change a child’s entire world. Good step-parents can change a child’s life for the better in ways that can never be repaid. Have you ever known a man or woman who stepped up for a little girl or boy who wasn’t biologically their own and made a world of positive difference in their life? Tell us about it by posting a comment when you share this story.
H/T: Little Things
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