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Family Sends Twin Girls With Muslim Doctors, Hears Blood-Curdling Screams

Dom the ConservativeParents Send Twin Girls With Muslim Doctors, Their Screams Reveal Horrific Scene
After a family sent their twin teen girls with a Muslim medical staff, they never thought it’d be the last time they’d see one of them alive. (Photo for illustrative purposes)
A couple took their teen twin daughters to the hospital for a routine surgery, expecting they would be in good hands with the experienced medical team. However, shortly after they sent their precious girls to the Operating Room, they heard blood-curdling screams that led authorities to a nightmarish scene.
In order to push their ideal of multiculturalism, the left perpetuates the notion that all cultures, religions, and values are equal — as long as they align with liberalism. Of course, Islam is the exception to their rule, as its fundamental misogyny and barbarity exemplify everything leftists claim to stand against.
What many liberals fail to recognize is that when they defend Islam, they support every savage and oppressive aspect it perpetuates. Unfortunately, there are those who are well-aware of the sadistic evils Islamic law, ideology, and culture yield, and they continue to capitulate as if it is a progressive, superior philosophy. What this surrender produces is nothing short of the horrific relinquishing of our most innocent civilians’ basic human rights,
On May 29, 2016, an Egyptian Muslim family took their twin 17-year-old girls to a government hospital in Suez, for a routine surgery, the Huffington Post reported. Sadly, that surgery was Female Genital Mutilation. The parents handed their daughters over to the medical staff and waited as Muslim surgeons brutally butchered the girls’ genitals.
According to the Clarion Project, the girls could be heard screaming as the surgeons cut away at their genitals, permanently damaging their body in a procedure intended to remove sexual desire and pleasure from females. Of course, neither the family nor any hospital workers came to their rescue, as that would be interfering with Islamic culture. Thanks to this barbaric procedure, Miyyar Mohammed Mousa died a painful, humiliating death on the operating table. Luckily, Miyyar’s sister survived, but not without being sentenced to live the rest of her life normally.
Parents Send Twin Girls With Muslim Doctors, Their Screams Reveal Horrific Scene
Unlike male circumcision, Female Genital Mutilation renders the female unable to experience sexual pleasure or desire.
After Miyyar’s death, the surgeon fled to Turkey to escape punishment. Of course, there was no justice for the rest involved, as Egypt operates under Sharia law. As such, the Miyyar’s mother and physician were arrested, while the nurse evaded authorities. Expectedly, the judge only allowed prosecutor Reda el-Danbouki only 5 minutes to present her case but still sided with the accused.
Last month, the 3 were sentenced to just one year in jail each. Unfortunately, the judge suspended their sentences for 3 years. The mother was fined just $52 and the doctor was ordered to pay $263 in damages.
Miyyar’s case is reminiscent of other young girls who died at the hands of esteemed Muslim doctors. Sohair al-Bata’a was just 13 when she bled to death during an FGM surgery carried out by Egyptian physician Raslan Fadl in 2013.
A 1-month-old baby girl died in utter agony after Muslim doctors in Singapore cut off her clitoris with a razor, as is common in FGM. What was left of her butchered genitals was sewn shut, leaving a small hole from which she would painfully urinate.
In October 2014, a 48-year-old African Muslim performed FGM on his 24-year-old wife. He was charged with attempted assault and aggravated sexual assault after he also forcibly sodomized her when she refused to have sex with him.
This barbaric ritual has plagued the Muslim community for centuries, beginning with the Islamic slave trade. After killing around 112 million Africans during the Islamic slave trade, Muslims managed to sell 28 million black slaves to other Muslim buyers. Before transporting them, captors were known to fully castrate male slaves, which involved cutting off the genitals and inserting a straw into the urethra to keep it from sealing. Experts estimate that 9 out of 10 slaves died from this procedure either by blood loss or infection.
One such documented case that confirms this is the historical account of the Muslim Calipha of Baghdad. In the 900s, the Calipha boasted of owning 7,000 black eunuchs and 4,000 white eunuchs, many of whom were castrated so that they could be trusted around his wives and sex slaves.
While around 14 million blacks are still enslaved by Muslims today, countless more women and girls are routinely mutilated as if they were slaves to their male counterparts. They will never experience sexual pleasure like male Muslims, all of whom are promised even more debauchery in the afterlife. In life and especially in death, Muslim women are taught that they are the property of men and should never deny them even the most perverse sexual requests, lest they anger Allah and be sent to Hell.

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