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Eastern brown snake found eating python in Australia

By Daniel Uria
e Catcher Ipswich, Brisbane and Logan area 24/7 days a weekon Sunday
We will be here for a little while
N&S Snake Catcher 0415136941
Snake catchers in Australia responded to an unusual call, arriving on the scene to find one deadly snake eating another.
N&S Snake Catcher shared video of a deadly eastern brown snake devouring a carpet python inside a home in Queensland on Monday.
"We will be here for a little while," the snake catchers wrote alongside a photo of the strange scene.
Eastern brown snakes are known to eat other snakes, including other eastern browns, alongside their typical diet of mice, frogs and lizards, but Sally Hill. co-owner with her husband of N&S Snake Catcher, told ABC News this scene was unlike anything they'd ever seen.
"We've never seen something like this before, it's very rare any snake catcher gets an opportunity to witness something like this," she said.
The pair stayed at the scene for several hours to allow the eastern brown to finish eating the python before guiding it into a bag.

"We just put him into the bag, if you disturb them too much they'll regurgitate their meal and it's just a waste," Hill said.
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