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Curtiss-Wright acquires Teletronics Technology Corporation


Ryan Maass
By purchasing Teletronics Technology Corporation, Curtiss-Wright expands its aerospace and defense testing arsenal. Pictured, a Lockheed Martin F-35A prepares for a test flight. U.S. Air Force photo

Aerospace and defense contractor Curtiss-Wright has finalized its purchase of flight test instrumentation designer Teletronics Technology Corporation.
With the acquisition complete, Curtiss-Wright gains access to TTC's data and aerospace applications. In a statement announcing the deal, the company says the agreement expands their international presence while boosting TTC's domestic presence.
Curtiss-Wright went on to praise its new subsidiary's integrated data acquisition technologies, which include analysis units, transmitters, receivers, sensors and ground station tools. The products are used to evaluate developing aircraft and their various capabilities, including munition parameters.
Teletronics Technology Corporation was founded in 1998 in Huntington Valley, Pa. The contractor's major projects have included telemetry system deliveries for the U.S. Navy, flight test instrumentation manufacturing for F-22 Raptor aircraft, and F-15 upgrade support for the Royal Saudi Air Force.
The company was also contracted for low-rate initial production support for Lockheed Martin's fifth-generation F-35 multirole fighter in 2011.


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