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Jan 1, 2017

Crying Obama Reveals Secrets About Mom & Michelle That Will Freak You Out

Rebecca Diserio
Barack Obama had to bring out a hanky as his eyes welled up with tears, saying “the band is breaking up,” as he sat for a final interview. However, conservatives are laughing at the freaky fact that he revealed about his mom before he started talking about Michelle. You’ll be completely freaked out by the secret he exposed and pissed off at his arrogant attitude as he says what he’s decided Michelle needs most.

Obama is getting sentimental about leaving the White House, or more likely, he is realizing he will soon be a nobody, a past president whose record lacks any real accomplishments, even though he thinks differently. He went on the record, saying he thought he’d win a third term easily, a statement that Donald Trump blasted back with a resounding, “No way.” Most Americans would agree with Trump. If we wanted a third term of Obama, Hillary Clinton would have won, but I digress.
Now, in a final interview with his good pal and former senior adviser David Axelrod, Obama revealed he cried through the last official White House staff dinner. Then, he started talking about his mom and the conversation got kind of creepy.
Obama started discussing his upbringing and talking about how his mom was a hippie, saying, “But she always insisted on shaving her legs.” Great, just what Americans needed to know, that his mom insisted on shaving her legs. Really creepy, right?
It’s truly laughable that after 8 years of serving as Chief Community Organizer some of his final thoughts involve whether or not his communist mother shaved her legs.” [via 100% Fed Up]
Then Obama thought about the time his credit card was denied when he traveled to LA for the Democratic National Convention in 2000 and how it almost made him quit politics. The New York Post reported it as “The embarrassing moment that almost led Obama to quit politics.” Too bad he didn’t.
“I fly out there [Los Angeles] on whatever connecting flight that was the cheapest and get to the rent-a-car place and present my credit card and the credit card is rejected — no more money.” — Barack Obama
But, probably the one intimate detail that is pissing off Americans is what Obama said about Michelle. After spending almost $100 million of the American taxpayer’s money on their “vacations,” many the Obamas labeled as official visits pretending like they were working, Barack confessed Michelle needed a good long vacation.
Barack Obama focused on Michelle’s (left) need for a “nice” vacation and how his hippie mom (right) shaved her legs.
After all, as he spoke from Hawaii at this Christmas time, poor Michelle hardly has any time to just get away on a vacation since they moved into the White House. According to the New York Post:
“The president also looked forward to leaving the White House, saying he’s going to take his wife, Michelle, on a ‘nice’ vacation because ‘she deserves it.’”
Does she deserve it? She has spent more taxpayer dollars traveling than any other First Lady in the history of the United States. The Obamas little 2-week Hawaiian Christmas trip, which they are on right now, cost $4.8 million. But, Michelle needs another vacation since, apparently, two weeks in Hawaii isn’t a “nice” vacation.
Americans are sickened by this man, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. Two grifters who got lucky and made it to the White House. I highly doubt Americans will be duped ever again into voting for a community organizer whose mentor is a man named Saul Alinsky, the first ever community organizer, with deep communist roots just like Barack Obama’s own mother.

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