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Cops Pull Over At Bus Stop, Onlooker Floored By What She Saw Them Do

Amanda Shea
While driving through a busy part of Norridge, Illinois, a woman was behind two cops in a patrol car when she saw them suddenly pull over and park their SUV in an unusual way. Since she was stopped at the light, she watched, curious about what they were doing there, and was left in complete shock when she saw what they did after they got out.
The witness saw them come around the side of the patrol car, which was peculiarly placed by a bus stop booth. The police officers weren’t empty handed or acting with any kind of urgency, which seemed strange to the witness who then realized what they were up to and snapped a photo without the officers knowing that anyone was watching them.
Cops Pull Over Onto Sidewalk, Onlooker Floored At What She Saw Them Do
Photo of cops snapped by witness
After the photo went viral, viewers reached out to the police department to find out who these two cops were and get a little more of the story that ended up with them in this unbelievable moment. WBBM spoke with the two officers by telephone and found out that they had been called to this particular bus shelter on December 29 to remove a homeless man who had been camped out there with several blankets and other personal belongings. When asked what he was doing there, the homeless man told them that he wanted to get on a bus but was kicked off for not having any shoes on.
The officers saw that, although he was actually wearing shoes, they didn’t have soles. They decided to do something about it and saw that there was a shoe store nearby, where they bought the best pair of sturdy boots they could find in his size. When they returned to the bus stop with the $60 pair of size 15 1/2 boots, the witness saw them present the man with the gift and even help him put them on to make sure they fit and that he was comfortable.
“The officers say the man expressed his appreciation, shaking their hands, and telling them he could now go and try to find a job,” WBBM reported. They also told the news station that they didn’t want to be identified since they don’t believe they deserve praise for the good deed, adding that seeing some hope restored to this homeless man was the best reward for their actions.
When these caring cops saw that this man had no soles on his shoes, they showed him what makes them unsung heroes. Law enforcement isn’t alway about busting bad guys, it’s about helping people who are suffering in ways that they see first hand and making a difference however they can.

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