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Dec 30, 2016

MBDA submits proposal for TLVS development in Germany

By Ryan Maass 
The TLVS is based on MEADS technology, and provides warfighters with 360-degree air and missile defense capabilities. Photo by MEADS International, Inc./Wikimedia Commons

MBDA Missile Systems' German subsidiary submitted its proposal for the development of TLVS, the planned follow-up to the MEADS defense system.
The new system will be based on MEADS technology, and is planned for both civilian and military defense applications. Company officials say the development for the new product will deepen their cooperation with the German government.
"The offer presented to BAAINBw is the result of a detailed analysis and negotiation process with our partners and suppliers. It is based on the RFP we received at the end of February 2016 and forms the basis for negotiations with the German customer," MBDA Deutschland managing director Thomas Gottschild said in a press release.
The Medium Extended Air Defense System is a ground-based air and missile defense solution slated to replace Patriot missile defenses by NATO. Italy and the United States are also involved with the program.
TLVS, the upcoming MEADS-based project, will provide operators with 360-degree coverage, open system architecture, and a "plug and fight" capability for attaching and detaching additional sensors and effectors. MBDA Systems says the system will lower costs for the the user and require fewer personnel.

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