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Nov 21, 2016

Samsung Not Giving Up: Developing S8, New Note

Samsung Not Giving Up: Developing S8, New Note

It is no secret that the affair of the flammable Note 7 caused enormous damage to Samsung. Besides the enormous financial damage, it also seriously affected the image of the world’s large smartphone manufacturer in general, and especially its Note brand. It is no surprise that many people believed that Samsung would have to abandon the series, or at least its name, by issuing its phablet under a new name.
A new and reliable report, however, states that Samsung may have completely different plans.
Note Users: You Should (Probably) Wait
Samsung Galaxy S8 models are indeed skipping SM-G94* model numbers, will ship as SM-G950 & SM-G955. Know what else is in the works? SM-N950. -- Evan Blass (@evleaks) November 9, 2016
The report is by well-known leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks), who is known for his accurate leaks. Blass’s leaks usually come from many sources in the supply and production chain of various manufacturers. He wrote in his Twitter account that Samsung was currently developing two models of the Galaxy S8 with the model numbers SM-G950 and SM-G955 (this refers to the ordinary S8 and the larger S8 Edge). At the end of the tweet, however, Blass added, “Do you know what else Samsung is working on? SM-N950.” This model number refers to a Note 8, which Blass says is already in development.
The Note 7 [pictured above] model number was SM-N930. Samsung, however, chose to skip the digit 4 in its Note 8 model number, because this digit is associated with bad luck in South Korea and East Asia, like the number 13 in other cultures. That is called reducing risk.
Another tweet by Blass confirmed that both of the two new Galaxy S8 devices would have curved convex screens. This contrasts with the current situation, in which there is both an ordinary version of the device and a larger Edge version with a curved screen. If this is the case, the devices may receive a slightly different name, perhaps even Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus, as is the case with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Pixel.
Both Samsung Galaxy S8 models will reportedly have an edge display -- Evan Blass (@evleaks) November 9, 2016
Global Launch for the S3 Watch
Smartphones, however, are not the only thing being concocted in Samsung’s kitchen. Samsung unveiled the Gear S3, its new smart watch, two months ago. The watch has already been launched in South Korea. Samsung has now announced, however, that the watch will be launched this Friday in a number of markets, including Australia, Dubai, France, Germany, Singapore, the UK, and the US.
The new watch has been upgraded slightly from the successful S2. An array of new features has been added, such as a loudspeaker, LTE connectivity, and payments support. The watch will come in two models with different designs and specs. The Frontier model will have a black matte finish and LTE connectivity. Together with the loudspeaker, you can actually carry your watch around and leave your smartphone at home. The watch can also receive alerts and send messages independently of your cellular device. The other model, the Classic, with a metallic finish, but without LTE, can communicate with the world only through your smartphone. Both models will be based on Tizen OS, Samsung’s operating system, instead of on Google’s Android Wear.
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Posted: 2016-11-18 @ 12:17pm PT
I love all Samsung products that I have owned. These included tablets and smartphones. Both Note 7s were great products. The only reason I turned mine in was that I feared the warranty might be adversely affected.              

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