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PC-BSD's Lumina Desktop 0.9.0 Environment Launches with Compositing Effects

A brand-new plain text editor is also available
Marius Nestor
PC-BSD's Ken Moore today, May 5, 2016, announced the release of the Lumina Desktop 0.9.0 environment for his FreeBSD-based, desktop-oriented PC-BSD operating system.
Lumina Desktop 0.9.0 is not a major version, as the team of developer behind this open-source project works hard on implementing new features to the major Lumina Desktop 1.0.0 milestone, which should be the first stable build of the desktop environment.
For those of you who are not in the known, the Lumina Desktop interface is built around the lightweight Fluxbox window manager and it's enabled by default for the PC-BSD operating system.
While Lumina Desktop 0.9.0 introduces some cool changes, the devs promise great new features in Lumina Desktop 1.0.0, which should be released later this year, as part of a new PC-BSD version based on the upcoming FreeBSD 11.0 operating system.
"First, I would like to thank everyone for their patience as we continue working toward the first non-beta release of the Lumina desktop. We are still planning on version 1.0.0 getting released later this year (aligning with the FreeBSD 11.0 Release Schedule or earlier)," said Ken Moore in today's announcement.
Here's what's new in Lumina Desktop 0.9.0
Release highlights of Lumina Desktop 0.9.0 include support for compositing effects, such as low-level transparency between windows (check the screenshots at the end of the article for details) via the xcompmgr utility, as well as a standalone, brand-new text editor software written in pure Qt5.
The plain text editor, dubbed lumina-textedit, features syntax highlighting for C, C++, and Qt files, find and replace functionality, customizable colors, optional line numbers, support for multiple tabs and files, and optional line wrapping. Below, we've attached the entire changelog for Lumina Desktop 0.9.0 as there are many other small fixes.
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