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Apr 4, 2016

This Is the New Windows 10 Start Menu Launching with Anniversary Update

Image result for This Is the New Windows 10 Start Menu Launching with Anniversary Update          The upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update is going to bring several important changes for users of Microsoft’s new operating system, including a redesigned Start menu supposed to provide easier access to installed apps.
It’s no secret that Microsoft’s improving Windows 10 around universal apps and the new Start menu will bring back the “All apps” view that was previously available in Windows 8.1. This means that straight from the Start menu you should be able to see all installed apps on the device easier than in the current version of the menu.
“The All apps list is essential to understanding which apps you have on your device. We’ve elevated this list to the top level of the UI to reduce clicking & scrolling. This makes it easier to access apps in the All Apps list. It also reinforces the consistent Start experience across form factors,” Microsoft’s engineers explained at Build last week.
The Start menu likes hamburgers too
But the most striking change is the addition of a hamburger button hiding additional settings in the Start menu.
As you can see in the screenshot attached to this article and in the GIF below, which shows the new Start menu in action, the left side has been redesigned to include a hamburger button which reveals more settings only when clicked. User account preferences have been moved under this icon, just like settings and power settings.
In the current version of the Start menu, both Settings and power controls take up a larger part of the left side of the menu, so in the Anniversary Update, only icons will be shown under the hamburger icon.
Given the fact that this feature is still in the works, Microsoft’s asking insiders to provide feedback to improve the Start menu, so make sure you submit your thoughts to the company before it’s too late.

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