attractive 2NYPhotoNY/Self-Portrait via onlinedoctor.superdrug.comAnother social experiment is trying to understand what different world cultures think is beautiful.
Women aren't alone in facing a societal pressure to look good. In a new project inspired by journalist Esther Honig as well as last year's female-focused "Perceptions of Perfection," UK-based online doctor service Superdrug sent out a challenge to freelance designers around the world to make a male photographer's picture look more attractive, spotted on BuzzFeed.
"Men suffer equally with women around low body confidence as many strive to attain a standard of ‘attractiveness,'" Denise Hatton, Chief Executive of YMCA England, said in the study. "[It is] both often unobtainable and, as this report shows, driven by cultural perceptions and advertising ideals."
The Superdrug team received responses from 19 different countries around the world, from Nigeria to Indonesia. Some of the designers in countries like Australia kept the photographer in the picture looking pretty much the same while others in Egypt or the United States made him look almost unrecognizable.
Keep reading to see how 19 designers from around the world envision male beauty.

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