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Your mindset is by far the most important factor in your job search success. You have to lose the mindset “I’m a job-seeker. Can somebody please offer me a job?”
Haven’t you noticed how the energy level in a conversation plummets when you’re at a networking event and everyone is happy and jolly, and someone asks you “What do you do?” and you say “I’m a job-hunter.”? That’s a conversation-stopper. People don’t know what to say. It’s like you’re on hold – until you get a new job, you don’t have an identity. That’s horrible.
I want you to stop thinking about yourself as a job-seeker or a person in need right this second, and take on a new persona. You’re a consultant now! You can start consulting tomorrow.
You can consult for your neighborhood association or at your place of worship. You can build a website for your cousin’s home-based business or you can write an eBook with forty tips for people with some kind of problem that you understand better than most folks.
As a consultant you’re driving your career. One of your consulting projects in the near future might take the shape of a full-time job. That’s okay. It’s just another consulting project!
I was leading a live workshop for displaced executives and we were going around the room, making introductions. One gentleman said “I was a CFO for thirty years.” I asked him “What are you now?”
“Now I’m nothing,” he said. A lot of people feel that way! You are not nothing just because you don’t have a job. That doesn’t change who you are or what you’ve accomplished! You have amazing talents to bring to large and small organizations and individuals, too.
You can solve problems. You can get paid for it or give away your expertise to people as you choose. It’s up to you. The important part is to change your self-image, and get back to work immediately – this week!
Get on vistaprint or go to your local office supply place and get some consulting business cards. If you already made up job-search business cards, throw them in the recycling bin. Conduct a little ceremony as you toss the old cards in the bin. You’re not a lowly job-seeker anymore. You’re a consultant now!
Decide which areas you want to consult in – or leave it wide open, if you like. My friend Jody used business cards for two years that said
Jody Smith
Available for Lunch
That was a conversation starter! People looked at her business card and asked her “Okay – but are you available for lunch?” Jody had a lot of lunches! She got a lot of projects. One of them turned into a full-time job. She never filled out a job application. Isn’t that a nice thought?
job seeker no way man im a consultant

Writing or creating immutable classes in Java is becoming popular day by day, because of concurrency and multithreading advantages provided by immutable objects. Immutable objects offers several benefits over a conventional mutable object, especially while creating concurrent Java application. Immutable object not only guarantees safe publication of the object’s state, but also can be shared among other threads without any external synchronization.

As for the question, Why String is immutable in Java? Why String is immutable in Java? Why String is a final class?

It has been answered many times and I will not necessarily repeat it here, hence I have provided an existing reliable answer, courtesy of an article that appears at below:

The string is Immutable in Java because String objects are cached in String pool. Since cached String literal is shared between multiple client there is always a risk, where one client's action would affect all other clients. For example, if one client changes value of String "Test" to "TEST", all other client will also see that value as explained in first example. Since caching of String objects was important from performance reason this risk was avoided by making String class Immutable. At the same time, String was made final so that no one can compromise invariant of String class e.g. Immutability, Caching, hascode calculation etc by extending and overriding behaviors. Another reason of why String class is immutable could de due to HashMap. Since Strings are very popular as HashMap key, it's important for them to be immutable so that they can retrieve the value object which was stored in HashMap. Since HashMap works in the principle of hashing, which requires same hash value to function properly. Mutable String would produce two different hashcode at the time of insertion and retrieval if contents of String was modified after insertion, potentially losing the value object in map. If you are an Indian cricket fan, you may be able to correlate with my next sentence. The string is VVS Laxman of Java, i.e. very very special classy. I have not seen a single Java program which is written without using a String. That's why solid understanding of String is very important for a Java developer. Important and popularity of String as data type, transfer object and mediator has also make it popular on Java interviews. Why String is immutable in Java is one of the most frequently asked String Interview questions in Java, which starts with discussion of,  What is String, How String in Java is different than String in C and C++, and then shifted towards what is immutable object in Java , what are the benefits of immutable object, why do you use them and which scenarios should you use them. This question some time also asked as "Why String is final in Java". e

Why String is Final

As I said, there could be many possible answer of this question, and only designer of String class can answer it with confidence, I think following two reasons make a lot of sense on why String class is made Immutable or final in Java : 1) Imagine String pool facility without making string immutable , its not possible at all because in case of string pool one string object/literal e.g. "Test" has referenced by many reference variables , so if any one of them change the value others will be automatically gets affected i.e. lets say

String A = "Test"
String B = "Test"

Now String B called "Test".toUpperCase() which change the same object into "TEST" , so A will also be "TEST" which is not desirable.

2)String has been widely used as parameter for many Java classes e.g. for opening network connection, you can pass hostname and port number as string , you can pass database URL as string for opening database connection, you can open any file in Java by passing name of file as argument to File I/O classes.

In case, if String is not immutable, this would lead serious security threat , I mean some one can access to any file for which he has authorization, and then can change the file name either deliberately or accidentally and gain access of those file. Because of immutability, you don't need to worry about those kind of threats. This reason also gel with, Why String is final in Java, by making java.lang.String final, Java designer ensured that no one overrides any behavior of String class.

3)Since String is immutable it can safely shared between many threads ,which is very important for multithreaded programming and to avoid any synchronization issues in Java, Immutability also makes String instance thread-safe in Java, means you don't need to synchronize String operation externally. Another important point to note about String is memory leak caused by SubString, which is not a thread related issues but something to be aware of.

4) Another reason of Why String is immutable in Java is to allow String to cache its hashcode , being immutable String in Java caches its hashcode, and do not calculate every time we call hashcode method of String, which makes it very fast as hashmap key to be used in hashmap in Java.  This one is also suggested by  Jaroslav Sedlacek in comments below. In short because String is immutable, no one can change its contents once created which guarantees hashCode of String to be same on multiple invocation.

5) Another good reason why String is immutable in Java suggested by Dan Bergh Johnsson on comments is: The absolutely most important reason that String is immutable is that it is used by the class loading mechanism, and thus have profound and fundamental security aspects. Had String been mutable, a request to load "" could have been changed to load "mil.vogoon.DiskErasingWriter"

Security and String pool being a primary reason of making String immutable, I believe there could be some more very convincing reasons as well, Please post those reasons as comments and I will include those in this post. By the way, above reason holds good to answer, another Java interview questions "Why String is final in Java".  Also to be immutable you have to be final, so that your subclass doesn't break immutability

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By Kelechi C Ofoleta

Executive Summary
This case analysis is on Cirque du Soleil case study from Danielle Savoie’s point of view on the issue that she encountered as a Vice-President of Information Technology and Knowledge
Management (KM) following her mandate to find effective ways for IT to support the upcoming substantial growth planned by Cirque. It takes a pertinent look at the organizational background, and the current and future direction of Cirque du Soleil aimed at resolving the issues bordering the organization and recent progress made in this regard. In addition, this report sized-up the key issues and justifies why they are issues of great concern to the organization. The justifications also, reflect on the organization’s insight into these issues. Having sized up the issues and its characteristics this report performed analytic thinking of the issues by looking at the causes and the effects on the organization, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis of the organization.  It recommends to the organization, practical approaches and feasible strategies that have helped some successful organizations overcome similar issues and point out the potential benefits that the organization might derive if they choose to follow these recommendations. It advised that more research is required by Cirque du Soleil towards finding how IT can continue to add value to its business as it concludes.

Cirque du Soleil is an artistic organization with its international headquarters in Montreal. It was founded in 1984 by group of entertainers led by Daniel Gauthier and Guy Laliberte whose intention was to reinvent the concept of circus, which had barely evolved since 1800s. It recorded rapid growth following its tours in Quebec and Canada in the first few years; Cirque performed in California in 1987, in Europe in 1990 and in Japan in 1992. Prior to 2000, when Danielle Savoie became Vice-President of Information Technology and Knowledge Management (KM), the organization was employing close to 2000 people. At the time, Cirque had three permanent shows: Mystere, which had been presented at Treasure Island in Las Vegas since 1993, 0 presented at the Bellagio in Las Vegas since October 1998, and La Nouba presented at the Walt Disney resort since December 1998. Cirque du Soleil also had five tours on the road, which moved every two months. It has offices in command of managing the fixed Las Vegas, and Orlando shows and has three regional offices in Montreal, Amsterdam and Singapore - that supervises the road shows.

With the recorded success comes the issue of finding effective ways to support the upcoming substantial growth planned by Cirque. This task fell on Danielle Savoie, whose first mandate was on finding efficient ways for IT to support the forthcoming ample growth planned by Cirque. Despite people’s doubt on the role that information technology (IT) could play in an organization where creativity, imagination and inspiration were paramount like Cirque, she had to convince the top management team that IT is critical to the success of the organization. Rather than simply automating existing processes, Daniel Savoie used IT in supporting knowledge management (efficient handling of information and resources) to transform Cirque by capturing, leveraging, and transferring knowledge across processes and across projects. Presently, Cirque du Soleil is looking forward to how IT can continue to add value to its business.

Issue size-up and justification
Lack of understanding the use and the requirement of IT in entertainment industry constituted the issue of resistance to IT-related change at Cirque. It was characterized by opposition by some members of the staff and notwithstanding managers which were wondering about the role that information technology (IT) could play in an organization where creativity, imagination and inspiration were paramount. Some even considered IT as useless and too expensive. This issue became prominent as soon as Danielle Savoie became the VP IT and KM at Cirque. This issue is justifiable because addressing it positively will secure the buy-in of the people, especially stakeholders critical to the success of the change to support the strategic direction of the company and bring about a source of competitive advantage at Cirque in order to capture, leverage, and transfer knowledge across processes and across projects.

Another issue faced by Danielle Savoie at the Cirque is on how to integrate and preserve data from various activities such as suppliers, applications, design activities and so on, such as images, videos, sketches, notes and so forth for reuse to inspire future creativity. The issue of data integration and preservation span the entire design and creative activities at cirque, especially costume-making process; make-up process and making of plaster heads.

Prior to Danielle Savoie becoming the VP IT and KM at Cirque, the costume-making process information was stored separately in different Excel files, making it laborious to manage all input and output patterns easily. Consequently, information loss was difficult to avoid despite the critical nature of this process to Cirque du Soleil since it does not involve animals in its shows. The make-up process was affected by this issue in that it was very cumbersome to manage because it was applied to the artists and recorded via 35mm photos that were kept in local files. The specific make-up products used along with quantities, actual make-up recipes and procedures were recorded on a form stored in large binders that make-up artists had to haul along on each tour. Similarly, making of plaster heads at Cirque was also affected by this issue due to poor storage of information on the location of the heads. Previously, information on the location of the heads was stored in the performing artist's file, and the actual plaster heads were set in the costume workshop which was inhibitive in locating and retrieving the plaster heads as required. Mind you a total of over 1,500 heads represents Cirque's artists.

Anyhow, all these poor processes of handling information and knowledge from these various activities led to documents being lost as well as diverse inefficiencies due to the considerable amount of time spent retrieving information. Hence Danielle Savoie needs to find a solution to integrate these data in order to preserve the information and knowledge embedded in them. Finding a solution can positively support the strategic direction of the company, bring about profitability, act as a source of competitive advantage, raise the morale of the company's employees, increase collaboration among different units and even enhance customer satisfaction at Cirque.

Cirque du Soleil’s business is meant to be an international business not just for the US market only, hence there is the issue of how to provide a forum that places contests, special promotions, press galleries, multimedia experiences, as well as an artist and employee recruitment within everyone's reach. This is an additional issue faced by Danielle Savoie. Of course, this is justifiable in that having a centralized online presence where everyone can have access to information on shows on offer, and dates will help attract more audiences than not. Furthermore, the interaction between customers and the organization will help the business to keep reviewing its marketing strategy and extending the playful Cirque experience.

Another time critical issue that faced Danielle Savoie was how to manage various equipment and activities that are required to set up the touring show site within 30 hours. This involves about 55 trailer-loads of equipment of over 20,000 categories as part of show infrastructure. Transporting this alone is an arduous task talk of the time tag that it must be set up within in order to allow for a successful show. These activities also include managing the Travel Group, and all the logistics associated with receiving new artists from all over the world and facilitating the procedures for their arrival. These procedures may include plane tickets, visas, immigration papers, travel arrangements, work permits, accommodations, and even translation services, if required. With touring show being a major part of the Cirque’s business process, there must be a workaround for these vast ranges of activities as they support the touring show business process of the organization.

Issue analysis
One of the most salient issues in the case was resistance to IT- related change caused by lack of understanding the use and the requirement of using IT and KM in the entertainment industry like Cirque. Soon after Danielle Savoie became the VP IT and KM at Cirque, this issue became overt. The nature of the business of Cirque's show is an ephemeral event; that is, it is existing or popular for just a short time with a lifespan of only 15 years. Knowledge of this fact gave rise to thoughts on how to preserve the knowledge involved in handling changes in the show and its personnel and further gave rise to the need to sustain and grow the earlier success recorded at Cirque. This led to the organization to evaluate the importance of IT for a company like Cirque and made a decision to hire Danielle Savoie's to find effective ways for IT to support the upcoming substantial growth it planned. Danielle’s attempt to get on with introducing IT and KM at Cirque met a stiff opposition from the people in the organization. She was most affected by this issue because she was forced to secure the buy-in of the people first. Especially the stakeholders at the top management team had to be convinced that IT could be more than just a cost centre by Daniellebefore she proceeded with finding efficient ways for IT to support the upcoming substantial growth planned by Cirque.

This issue could have been mitigated or handle in many ways. Firstly, the organization should have consulted with the people on the idea of using IT to support the upcoming substantial planned growth, to secure the buy-in of many of the stakeholders before proceeding to hire Danielle Savoie to implement the idea. Alternatively, the organization should have made Danielle Savoie's initial task to involve securing the buy-in of the people soon after she was hired before taking her to start finding ways to use IT to support the forthcoming sizable growth planned. I prefer the first solution as it would have made the transition very easy for Danielle Savoieand would have prevented unnecessary tension caused by this opposition issue.
Next salient issuesfaced by Danielle Savoie at the Cirque is on how to integrate and preserve data from various activities such as suppliers, applications, and design activities and so on. This issue arosefrom poor data management due to recording resources and processes at Cirque that stores data independent of applications and systems making it difficult to be accessed efficiently and even lead to loss of valuable information. Again, Danielle Savoie was therelevant stakeholder to the situation, and the Cirque staff will be affected by the decisions to be made.The solution to this particular issue is so critical because if executed well will extend as a solution for other issues with dirty data and loss of information that Cirque may experience.The constraint this placed on Danielle Savoiewas that she had to understand the best way to integrate and preserve data efficiently to support the business.

As a solution, building a customized simple database enabled system could be used with emphasis on ensuring that it is integrated with hardware/ all software and running on a single platform so that every separate application that interacts with this system has a way of integrating seamlessly with it. This issue best suited IT solution given that it involves data integration and preservation. Alternatively, acquiring or developing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to handle the data could be considered. For Cirque, I will prefer the first option because the organization is quite unique that it will benefit better from customised application than generic complex ERP.

Finding a suitable online platform presence for Cirque du Soleil’s business that will link it to the worldwide audience is an issue that Danielle Savoie must view as critical to the organization’s IT and KM business sustainability strategy. This problem was caused by the fact that Cirque business has not expanded around the whole world due to limited resources, but there is the need to create the awareness of the innovative circus in order to generate more revenue to sustain the organization. Another cause was that the show involves touring around the world, hence there is the need to find a way to tell people about it, sell tickets and other stuff to them via this online media in preparation for the tour. These causes are mainly resources and related processes. The issue affects Danielle Savoie the most given her job task at Cirque. The constraint for Danielle Savoie is to work out online platform that will serve this purpose more efficiently, and the opportunities are that the world will interact with the business from this medium towards achieving the strategic objective of the organization. The business will enjoy more publicity and recognition than when its activities were only local inhibited by travel cost, geographical location, international laws and so on.
The issue of managing the various activities involved to set up a touring show is one more salient issue sized-up that will not be analysed due to limited word count space.

S.W.O.T analysis
Strength, and Weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analysis is specifically influential in demonstrating the idea that good strategy indicates enduring a fit between the external situations an organization confronts (opportunities and threats), and its own internal features (strengths and weaknesses) (Hill & Westbrook, 1997). Strengths: Cirque du Soleil’s is a big corporate image and is famous in the entertainment industry with many years of experience in a circus show.  It has an innovative concept to reinvent the circus art removing the need for training animals because it has strong creation and innovation concepts and is vertically integrated as it does its design, logistics, staff recruitment and so on in-house. It has unique shows that involve only adult live entertainment. Apart from this, it has high-quality shows with original concept and has both permanent and touring shows thus achieves production diversity. Weakness: Cirque du Soleil has poor information and knowledge management. It currently has no permanent show outside Las Vegas and Orlando, uses anonymous or disguised performers, and it has no unique shows that involve only children’s live entertainment. Opportunities: it can expand to new markets, merchandise, expand to more audiences around the world, diversify themes, technology and market, establish fixed shows in other continents, offer more affordable tickets, including children. Threats: competition from the Pickle Family Circus, Big Apple Circus and so on should be kept in check. There is the possibility of entry of the market by a real competitor that will disrupt the Cirque business model. Poor resource management can harm the growth of Cirque, including knowledge preservation and transfer, competition from opera, dance, and circus shows should not be ignored too.


v  In the case of IT- related change resistance that Danielle Savoie faced, she should solve this problem by understanding the true nature of the resistance. Most of the time employees’ resistance is usually to social change that is, the change in their human relationships that generally accompanies technical change and not in the technological change itself. This will help to resolve the issue faster than second-guess the solution. People-related resistance is difficult issue to manage, but once the cause is understood the solution becomes easy. Quiz the opposition politely to get first-hand information on the cause of the resistance, and act to resolve it.
v  Danielle Savoie should pay attention to data management and integration processes as well as the resources at Cirque in order to reduce information loss and increase collaboration, data retention and knowledge retention efficiency. Deriving business value from information assets depends on the effective use of data-management technologies and best practices. A key individual componentsto pay attention include data integration, data quality, database management systems, data warehousing and enterprise information management, especially with regards to costume-making process, make-up process and making of plaster heads.
v  Danielle Savoie should use the knowledge of web 2.0 to determine the web technology and type of online platform to support the sales and information display and gathering that will support Cirque and ensure that the database at the back-end of the platform is integrated to the custom system recommended above. This will ensure that both online and offline application have some form of a link for continuous information acquisition, storage and so forth towards supporting the mobile nature of Cirque Business.
v  Although the issue of managing various equipment and activities to get the touring show set up was not analysed, it will be worth recommending that these times critical activities that must be completed within 30 hours before the show start to be built into bundles of related components.  Even components that can be set up permanently while still portable to be transported around the world should be put together this way, though it may mean modifying the components for the purpose. This will see to the separate components forming bundles being in proximity to the technicians who set up the ‘tour village’, thus reducing the time required to set up and dismantle the categories of equipment.

v  Based on SWOT analysis of Cirque, moving forward stronglyrequires that diversify its product line to give customers a new experience with every show. As Cirque expands its business globally, it must bear in mind that value system varies, and as such it needs to investigate the values of the people that the touring show it going to meet. Using the findings, they are now designing a show that will be palatable to the values and culture of the people. This will mean that the people will accept the show and even look forward to on coming shows than when a generic show designed for another culture is offered to a different culture.

Cirque du Soleil is an artistic organization with its international headquarters in Montreal. It was founded in 1984 by group of entertainers led by Daniel Gauthier and Guy Laliberteaims to reinvent the circus show, especially removing the use of trained animals in the show. Cirque shows were successful, but it needed to use IT and KM to extend the lifespan of its shows beyond projected 15 years. It invested heavily in IT despite initial stiff opposition from some of the employees.  Danielle Savoie’s technology and KM strategy have significantly supported Cirque’s business growth, but the trend is slowing and the organization needs to diversify to keep ahead of its competitors.  Certainly, Cirque’s SWOT analysis shows that it needs to do more, and the recommendations should be followed, and more research is required by Cirque du Soleil towards finding how IT can continue to add value to its business in the future.


Hill, T., & Westbrook, R. (1997). Swot analysis: It's time for a product recall. Long range planning, 20, 46-52.
Rivard, S., Pinsonneault, A., &  Croteau, A. (2011).Information Technology at Cirque du Soleil: Looking Back, Moving Forward.Thirty Second International Conference on Information Systems

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  This guy could have the longest eyelashes ever

The world is full of strange people and 58-year-old Valery Smagly from Ukraine should rightfully count himself among them. If not, then at least admit that his eyelashes are without a doubt a very rare sight.
In fact, judging by the photos accompanying this article, it is not all that far-fetched to say that his eyelashes kind of, sort of resemble teeny tiny wigs somebody mistakenly attached to his face instead of his head.
As detailed by Oddity Central, this man whose eyelashes might just be the absolute longest in the world currently lives in Kiev, Ukraine's capital city. Mind you, his eyelashes were not always this big.
Valery Smagly says that they started growing when he added a wondrous ingredient to his food. Although many would want to know what this ingredient is, he insists on keeping it a secret.
“Women would stop me in the street and ask me what the secret was, they can see that they are real and not fake,” the 58-year-old told the press in a recent interview.
For the time being, Valery Smagly's eyelashes are not officially the absolute longest and bushiest in the world. On the contrary, the record is held by a man named Stuart Miller and his 6.99-centimeter (2.75-inch) eye whiskers.
Valery Smagly promises that he will visit the local Guinness Book of Records registry office in Ukraine soon enough and will try to set the record straight by having somebody officially measure his eyelashes.
The man claims that, even if they are not yet the longest in the world, he will not let them grow any longer. This is because they are already hurting his eyes and affecting his sight.
The man says he will soon have his eyelashes measured
The man says he will soon have his eyelashes measured

GOA finds highly critical security issues, FAA concurs
  FAA agrees with GOA's security audit report
Serious security control flaws have been found in the activity of guiding planes and other aircrafts conducted by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a report from US Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals.
Working for the Congress, GAO is responsible for checking how the federal government spends taxpayer money.

Encryption, authorization and network isolation faults

While reviewing FAA’s information security program, the US watchdog has found “significant security control weaknesses,” which could pose a threat to the operation of the national airspace system (NAS).
In a lengthy report spanning over 40 pages, GAO revealed the flaws encountered during its evaluation, which range from failure to ensure proper authorization for accessing NAS to negligence towards implementing acceptable audit and monitoring controls.
Among the faults uncovered by GAO’s scrutiny was the fact that FAA would not isolate sensitive networks through firewall rules that can restrict inbound and outbound connections, although the means for the tasks were available.
Another serious flaw refers to identification, authentication and authorization of users and devices that accessed NAS machines. No time-sensitive passwords, or strong enough ones, were in place and access privileges were granted to users that did not require them to fulfill their responsibilities.
In its assessment, GAO discovered that encryption was not always used for sensitive data (authentication credentials) in transit or at rest.

Insufficient logging, outdated software and hardware

FAA also failed to conduct regular reviews of network events, which could determine suspicious activity from a threat actor and help identify intrusion attempts and even a developing cyber-attack.
Audit and monitoring controls were not implemented, leading to limited capability to check network traffic and to collect relevant security-related events.
Apart from this, one FAA system was found to be updated although impact assessment had not been conducted and modifications had not been approved.
On the other hand, some NAS systems were missing updates dating back three years and some key servers were no longer supported by the vendor, so security patches were no longer issued for them.

Total GOA recommendations tally: 185

Some of the issues discovered were in contradiction with FAA’s own policies regarding the safety of its operations.
Despite establishing the Cyber Security Steering Committee to provide an agency-wide risk management function, the organization did not set roles and responsibilities for the security of NAS systems, or update the information security strategic plan so that it mirrored the increased reliance on computer networks.
At the end of its report, GAO made 17 recommendations designed for full implementation of the information security program and mitigation of risks touching on NAS.
However, an additional private report ends with recommending a total of 168 specific actions to address 60 weaknesses relating to access controls and configuration management.
After reading the report, FAA agreed to all the recommendations made by the congress watchdog.

All the supported Ubuntu systems will get the update
  Latest Thunderbird is now in Ubuntu
Canonical published details about a few Thunderbird vulnerabilities that have been found in its Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating systems and they have released a new version.
When a new Thunderbird version is released by Mozilla, it takes a few days until it arrives in the Ubuntu system. It's usually packed with fixes and improvements, on top of the stuff that's been done by the original devs.
“Armin Razmdjou discovered that contents of locally readable files could be made available via manipulation of form autocomplete in some circumstances. If a user were tricked into opening a specially crafted message with scripting enabled, an attacker could potentially exploit this to obtain sensitive information," reads the security notification.
For a more detailed description of the problems, you can see Canonical's security notification.
The flaws can be fixed if you upgrade your system(s) to the latest Thunderbird package specific to each distribution. To apply the patch, run the Update Manager application. You can also upgrade your system from the terminal:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
In general, a standard system update will make all the necessary changes. A restart of the application is required. You can also download Mozilla Thunderbird 31.5.0 right now from Softpedia.

This means that using mods will be much easier
  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Super Saiyan version
Bethesda has finally removed the meager 100 MB limit for Steam Workshop mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
The company has announced that mod makers and users will no longer have to faff about when installing their favorite mods through Steam, and that they can test out the new functionality this week, by opting into the beta from the Betas tab of the game properties menu on Steam.
Starting next week, Skyrim players will be able to download things directly from the Steam client, rather than use the Workshop, which is great, since most of the larger mods, such as the ones that alter the city designs, require several separate downloads, which is a hassle.
In the future, mod makers will be able to bundle their creations together, which will make things much clearer and easier for those who want to make use of the feature.
Granted, Bethesda is a bit late with the feature, since it's been more than three years since the game was released, but it's still a welcome addition.
However, the bad thing is that your mods will most likely get updated at random, which means that for game-altering mods (or when you're running hundreds of them) you'll still have to use Nexus Mods instead of the Workshop, in order to keep things stable and uneventful.

In some cases, people can react to a perceived threat bad enough for their body to go haywire and eventually shut down
  If you are scared enough, your heart can give out
Plenty of movies out there promise to scare us to death. The thing is that, if we're being honest, we have to admit that none of us actually expect this to happen. I mean, we would not watch them if we believed they could ever have that power over us.
Plenty of movies out there promise to scare us to death. The thing is that, if we're being honest, we have to admit that none of us actually expect this to happen. I mean, we would not watch them if we believed they could ever have that power over us.
However, this does not change the fact that, as surprising as this may sound, it is actually very much possible to scare somebody to death. This is because of how our body reacts when face to face with a situation or an object we perceive as threatening.
When we are scared, our body releases loads of adrenaline which makes our heart beat faster in order to deliver more blood and oxygen to our muscles. As a result, we become instantly stronger and better equipped to fight for our life, should circumstances demand for it.
Too much adrenaline, however, can cause heart damage. What this means is that, in those rare cases when we are utterly and completely freaked out, our heart can give out, and as a result, we can die. The good news is that, most of the time, our own body makes sure this does not happen.
What's more, studies carried out over the years have shown that people can trick their bodies into producing less adrenaline when confronted with a potential threat by training their mind to think differently about, say, spiders or confined spaces.

If you have an old Mac, you can use Ubuntu MATE
  Ubuntu MATE desktop
Ubuntu MATE has been providing PowerPC support for some time now, but the developers have made some serious improvements to this particular feature in the latest 15.04 Beta 1 update.
The Ubuntu MATE devs had quite a changelog for the 15.04 Beta 1 release, and most of the stuff they posted were very interesting. We already covered the "panel selection" that allows users to change the look and feel of the system with just a single click. It might not seem like much, but not too many Linux devs have this kind of features.
Among the myriad of improvements, there was also an entry about PowerPC, and I thought it deserved much more attention than it got. It's true that there aren't too many PowerPC-powered Apple computers around, but there are enough to make it count. If we take into consideration that Ubuntu MATE is one of the few operating systems that still have active support for this old architecture, than it's all the more important.
"Added PowerPC as an officially supported architecture for Ubuntu MATE 15.04. Running Linux on PowerPC can require some tinkering," wrote Martin Wimpress on the official blog. He also linked to PowerPC Known Issues and PowerPC FAQ to make life easier for potential users.
You can download Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Beta 1 for PowerPC and give it a spin or you can wait until April to get the stable edition.

Gamers also get stadiums, footwear and a new ball
  Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is getting transfer updates

Video game developer and publisher Konami is announcing that a new free Data Pack 4 is at the moment in development for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 and is set to arrive on March 12, giving gamers access to a range of new content, including updates for team rosters, more player likenesses to use, and extra stadiums and uniforms which will improve the overall experience.
The company says that "The download keeps the game updated with real-time league changes, implementing player transfers made within the January window. Player ratings have also been updated."
So far, Konami has not offered a clear list of all the players who have had their stats changed, but presumably it will be introduced on March 12.
60 new faces are also added for some of the players who have performed well in the past few months, and gamers will be able to see improved representations for Gabriel Barbosa Almeida, Paco Alcacer, Harry Kane, Paulo Dybala, Javier Pastore and Nathaniel Clyne.
The developers are saying that fans will be able to choose more players to get improved facial simulations in the future.
Three additional stadiums are coming to Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, and one of them is the famous Estadio Alberto J. Armando, aka La Bombonera.
The football sim also includes 11 new shoe styles, including the Adidas Predator Instinct, Adizero f50, the Nike Tiempo, and Puma evoSPEED 1.3.
Finally, the free update also introduces the official ball of the UEFA Champions League Final.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 needs to keep up with FIFA 15

Konami has moved relatively slowly when it comes to introducing the major transfers that have taken place during the January window, as EA Sports added them all to the rival FIFA 15 title in early February.
But Konami is delivering some interesting additions to Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, which fans will certainly appreciate.
The most recent installment in the series has introduced some interesting simulation mechanics and the action on the pitch is in many ways superior to that offered by FIFA.
Unfortunately, the studio still has no answer to the popularity of the Ultimate Team mode that EA Sports has created and they need to develop an alternative for the title they are planning to launch in the fall of this year.

The device is a 5-inch slate aimed at enterprise customers
  Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1

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Panasonic isn't well-known among Windows Phone fans, but that doesn't mean that the company is not present on the market with some products powered by Microsoft's operating system.
The new Toughpad FZ-E1 device is a curious mix of smartphone and tablet. Even though it sports a 5-inch, Panasonic insists that this isn't a smartphone, but a tablet.
On top of that, the device runs Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld, but with a Windows Phone 8 skin that brings it more closer to a smartphone.
Either way, Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 won't be available for everyone, but enterprise customers may take into consideration. The thing is the tablet is not available for sale and Microsoft hasn't yet released this version of Windows for this type of devices.
Even if the tablet will be powered by Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld, Panasonic claims it will run Windows Phone apps without any problems.
Moving on to specs, Toughpad FZ-E1 is an ultra-rugged tablet with a 5-inch HD (720p) capacitive touchscreen display. According to Panasonic, the device features “world's most rugged design” and it's been MIL-STD-810G certified against shock, vibration, rain, dust, sand, altitude, freeze, high and low temperature.

1D/2D barcode and magnetic stripe reader with stylus are optional

The tablet also features IP65 and IP68 certification, which makes it water resistant (submersible up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes). Toughpad FZ-E1 is a heavy device for its size: 426g (battery included).
Hardware-wise, the tablet is surprisingly powerful. Panasonic included a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory, which can be further expanded up to 64GB via microSD card slot.
The slate also has an 8-megapixel camera on the back with autofocus, LED flash and video recording, as well as a secondary 1.3-megapixel camera in the front.
Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 is powered by a huge 6200 mAh battery, which should provide up to 1000 hours of standby time or up to 23 hours of talk time.


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