February 2013

Go ahead and start forgetting what they taught you regarding counting HTML Tags both in web Development and java coding as these will become obsolete with JLevel 2.0.

It will provide experience that will seem fulfilling just like when web 2.0 took over the norm of WWW/Internet interaction and remained so today.

Nothing new to learn if you already know Java and Html. Your knowledge of JLevel 1.0.0 Beta WILL NOT BE useful with JLevel 2.0 as this is totally re-engineered library.
The purpose is still the same - to make programing and web development never feel like a drag anymore for developer that uses Html,Css JavaScript,jQuery and other scripts.

It will be simple that you will forget that Html ever has close set (tags). That is you will never worry about closing the open tag that takes attributes or in-line style and closing tag at all, all these have be automated. Furthermore,all self closing tags are have been taken care of.

Watch out for the preview code here in the coming weeks.


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